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Sunday, December 29, 2013


When we go anywhere, it is quite difficult to find things that we really want. Last week,we went shopping at the market in Bangkok and at the night market in Chiengmai and Chieng Rai. I actually want to buy the sewing accessories,threads, yarns or other things related to embroidery.But it was quite frustrated because I could not spot any of those items..maybe the place was too big or located at the other end of the place..also,the participants were from different interest..I love sewing items but our friends like bags, clothes,shoes and other unique handicrafts.I imagined that one day I would go with my common interest friends and we can focus on the things that we love doing...sewing kits, embroideries, crochet, cotton cloth etc. I did only once came across a shop selling cotton material with so many choices but alas.. they were all rushing to visit the Umbrella Making time to buy! so Zila jom!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Just to share my experience of having a trip to Thailand. Last week, my colleagues and I went to Thailand for a holiday. We went to visit Bangkok, Chieng Mai,Chieng Rai, border of Myanmar, boating to Laos and also a border town to Cambodia.Instead of all the dispute in Bangkok, we enjoyed ourselves very much.We went by bus and the journey was very very far from the south of Thailand to the border of Myanmar at the town of Mea Sai.All of us were like in a fridge as the temperature for that night was minus 0. During the day , it was about 12 degrees. That night in Mae sai, we pampered ourselves doing body nice.On the way there we stopped at the Hotspring,we were engrossed by the precious stones sold like rubies,jade and others. I bought one ruby ring and a jade stone.In Laos, as a souvenir I bought the traditional handmade cloth ( I will make it a table runner). I thought Thailand is a backward country but it is otherwise..they are so well develop without leaving their rich cultural heritage . I did not forget to go shopping at the huge Chattuchak market in Bangkok.It is so big that we did not have enough time to visit all the sections. Everything on earth were sold including the fried coakcroaches to the fried big fat maggots..eah! I was particularly searching for my sewing accessories but never found any ( maybe it is somewhere else in the other part of the market).I did buy the handmade cotton sewing box for my sewing kits.On the last day we went to Aryanpratet, the biggest market place in Thailand which is situated near Cambodia. Also it is very big that we should go there for a day not only just a few hours. The price is dead cheap.Actually, I do not know what to tell as to share with all dear friends..a lot of experience!..the wonderful landscape, clean toilets, tasty Tom Yam with very big prawns..and of course the famous Thai Silk.

Monday, December 9, 2013


As I have ordered the Turkey yarns online from Benangkait, I started crochet a cardigan for me..not really cardigan but just like a vest.If I want to make a cardigan (longsleeves)I will have to use more than 4 yarns whereas I only got 4 ( ehemm..the price is also another factor!).What a mistake I have made was that I ordered 4 different wonderful colourful yarns ( I love all the colours).. meaning I have to make my vest so stripy colourful..can I wear that? Will I look like a clown? No matter what people say or react, I will wear it for my own satisfaction of crochetting my own cardigan for the first time. Now, I nearly finish it..I just made it with no sleeves as I do not have enough yarns and furthermore I wonder if I will be able to finish it. After this I should buy only yarns of the same colour and not not to be greedy to purchase all the colours.I also will try to do baby booties or children's cardigan. I never say goodbye to my beads embroidery and thread handmade embroidery yet, but just to refresh my schooldays talent. Happy crochetting and bear with my chat.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Next week I am going for a trip to Bangkok. It was organised by the Girl Guides Society We are going to Chiengmai and Krabi too. During the trip I hope I will find many things in accordance to my interest or hobby of sewing beads, crochet and embroidery. I wish I can buy threads, yarns, materials and so forth.Also I would buy anything artistic, rare or unique especially handmade items. But, I know, if we travel in group it is quite hard to follow our needs or interest.I think in Thailand we can get a lot of embroidered things like in China..I also hope to enjoy the Thai cuisine..delicious Tom Yam!

Monday, November 25, 2013


While waiting for my son to see the dentist (happen to be her sister)this morning, I went into the nearby shop, Elyza's shop. At the first impression, I like the setting very much..more of country look, full of flowery items such as the tablecloth,cushions,curtains,patchwork blankets and so forth.I love the basket made of rattan which had been decorated with lace and cotton lining.I thought of buying for my crochet basket ( I remembered the incident where I saw a lady doing her crochet or knitting on the train in Germany, and I like her basket very much!).Alas..I got not enough money (just don't want to ask from hubby)as the price is too beautiful. At least I got the idea to decorate my shop too, Galeri Manik.Also I should show my embroidery items or beads embroidery to the shop owner so that we have a link in business (o.k it is only in my mind).

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wonderful Yarns arrived

Yesterday, I recieved my order,the wonderful beautiful yarns for my crochet.Lately, besides busy with beads embroidery and thread embroidery, my long almost forgotten passion of crochet comes back into my craft world again.I ordered 4 balls of colourful yarns and the hook(but the hook is quite big as I like to use smaller one).I started browsing my old (everything old eh!)crochet books. What should I do with it? I think I should make a cardigan for me (which I never ever finish one..I did start but seemed to end up hanging in the plastic bag!) This time I really determine to make one for me as I was so crazy with the yarns..nice, nice.I will start tomorrow.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Last few days, I ordered 4 yarns and 1 crochet hook online from Puan Aiza. The yarns were imported from Turkey. The yarns are so beautiful and colourful. As usual I think I will love it so much that I feel very 'difficult' or 'sayang' to use it..Just like one of my friends who always refuse to use it whenever she got new yarns. She put it on the table to be seen and adore it.Maybe,those who are not in our shoes will think it is quite funny,yet it is a reality.Now, I am waiting for the yarns to be delivered to my door.Hopefully, I can get it soon or tomorrow.While doing crochet, I still do not forget to do my thread and beads embroidery. I have to embroider 4 more dresses.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Last month, I went to Kuala Lumpur and I went to Melawati to buy Cotton cloth. Before that we searched in the internet for the Comel Cotton Shop. On reaching there, we quickly went into the shop and started choosing the beautiful pieces.I chose 10 pieces because I was afraid if I bought more then it might not be sold and just wasting money. Actually, I made a wrong decision because all were sold out like hot cakes. If only I knew, I would buy 100 pieces! That's why, we should not underestimate things or market. Maybe I belong to the not so ambitious lot. Next time, I should not be afraid to buy more.The designs were all nice and meaning not even one for me.The plain cotton (no motifs)are just beautiful to be embroidered whether beads or thread embroidery.I am really crazy over cotton clothes or dress as it is cool in our humid hot climate. They bought from me,asked others to sew, then it came back to me for embroidery.This means another business starts!And lastly, we realized that we actually entered a wrong shop, not Comel careless we were.We had a good laugh.

Friday, November 1, 2013


I just bought 12 empty T-shirts (meaning no-design ye!).I would like to sew handmade embroidery on them. I think they will look nice. Hopefully,all my dear blogger friends will have the idea to try it. Besides thread embroidery,you can also make unique beas embroidery on your kids shirt.Besides, you can make a difference using colurful felt with creative design.For girls,flower designs are their favourite and as for boys you can choose ball or car design. Surely, soon you will be chased after for the order.The unique embroidery on T-shirt must be something different.At least the idea is there but I still did not start ..wait for a fine holiday.I am sure you can start before I do.Just to share ideas.happy sewing.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Yesterday I went to my daughter's house.Just lazy to drive, my hubby bought bus tickets for four of us.The journey took about five hours. So, what should I do on the bus? Just sleep and see the scenery? How unproductive I am! Before I boarded the bus,I quickly sneaked away to a shop selling crochet yarns and hook.Yes, I have to do something.I started crochetting a handphone case.I combined two colours of cream and maroon. I hope it would turn out nice.I think I have given all my dear friends a tip how to fulfill time beneficially rather than sleep or staring blankly doing nothing.At least you can sell it or make it as a birthday gift and for sure you can make her/him happy thus at the same time tighten the relationship. Moral of the story is do not ever waste your time as TIME IS GOLD.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Nowadays, most women are just too busy to go out to buy things, Now, they can easily buy everything on globe by just clicking the keys on the internet or do online shopping.They need not spend hours under the hot sun or squizzing among the shoppers. So now we can shop through the AMAZON.COM.Those who like to buy the sewing accessories can order and the items will be delivered to your doorstep.So, you are welcome to shop at your fingertips.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Today 17th October, 2013, we had a really nice time at Galeri Manik. Zila came down from her hometown,Kuala Krai. She came to teach Ming, a Chinese lady, how to sew bags.She managed to finish two bags within one patient she was. And of course the bags were wonderful, a Hexagon and a Wave bag.I was quite tense up as she began to unload her fantastic imported designer materials and the Venus sewing threads. I had to behave myself because I loved all the nice materials.I bought 3 yards of different designs.There were at least 3 big plastic boxes of such items abd sewing kits or accessories.And not to forget,we also made crochet. Zila was happy to be able to make the crocheted flowers.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Last month I attended a motivation Seminar by one of the famous Malaysian business tycoons, Dr Azizan Osman. His favourite quote is 'if you want to be excellent, you must always equipped yourself by must learn from a mentor in your field of interest'. I think I should go and see my mentor too to learn my beads embroidery (high level), handmade thread embroidery,quilting, patchwork, crochet and many others.S many things that I need to upskill. I know I have the basic knowledge but I think it is not enough, I want to make myself the MENTOR too. Be the best in everything you do. I need to see Zila Kassim to coach me in making handmade bags, learning how to sew machine embroidery(the last time I learned from her was last year,and I never open the machine until today!!).Maybe I have to go to learn advance bead embroidery from sifu Rozita Jaafar or go to Cottage Patch beside Ampang Point to master patchwork.Everything I want to do during this coming school holiday!Not only that but you have to buy many books to get more ideas for your projects.Let us improve ourselves as time waits for no one.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

For your coming Hari Raya Aidil Adha,why not you just try to buy or sew plain cotton kurung of various choices of colours. Then, try to choose simple design and sew embroideries. I am sure you will look gorgeos and unique on that special day. If later you want to go to the kenduri or wedding ceremony,certainly you will look different from others.You may choose soft pastel or shocking colours material.You can mix the more expensive DMC thread (6 colours in a skein)and the cheaper Venus embroidery thread. I ask you to mix as to save your budget or be more economical.Wishing you happy raya and happy sewing too.

handmade thread embroidery for Raya festival

Monday, September 23, 2013


Sometimes we need to pamper you agree? After being so busy with work, house chores, e-filing, e-profile, facebook, blogging...and other thousands of activities..we need to go out to somewhere far from hustle and bustle..last weekend my family and I made a short and sweet trip to Cameron Highlands, just to rest our mind. We rented an apartment and we cooked our own meal..we enjoyed the fresh strawberries,  the fresh vegetables...and we had a nice time strolling at the night market. As usual I used my time to see all the handicrafts and souvenirs like cushions, bags,keychains and besides enjoying the vacation, I still learn something for my craftworks...yes! instead I also hooked on the wonderful species of cactus ( I bought some cactus and roses)..and sure enough we can get ideas everywhere besides refresh our mood..( I can sew embroidery with CACTUS motifs too!).

saturation point

After the Hari Raya festival, after completing all the customers' beads and handmade thread embroidery... I come to the state of saturation where now it takes time to start the new projects of sewing again. How I got my stiff shoulders (maybe caused by too much sewing activities!) and got a jab to minimize the pain.However painful I am , I still find satisfaction in doing I can develop my creativity and sew with love... and see other people beautiful.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


At Budapest , Hungary, we went river cruise along Danube River. The scenery was magnificient. What I want to share here is while boarding the purple cruise, I was stunned at the handmade embroideries on the tablecloths, framed pictures, the chairbacks and so on used for decoration. That means they indirectly promote their Hungarian embroideries for tourists everywhere...what a clever idea. As for me, I began to think that I must do this, I must do's high time for us to follow the positive idea!

Monday, September 9, 2013


On visiting Czech Republic during the last term holiday (June), I went to the stall selling beads at Prague. Of course I was difficult to make a choice as all beads are unique and rare. I bought some to be used when doing my beads embroidery..but you know, I used sparingly as it is different from the Japanese beads that I used before. The colours are also different..and after using it for quite sometime or when the embroidered clothes is worn out, I wish to unpick and recycle on another new clothes! What an economical species we are!..
On visiting Vienna, Hungary, still very early in the morning, we were already waiting at the market selling all sorts of handmade embroideries,,,as usual my son kept on reminding me,"mum, this is your dangerous zone!".Heppp..."cant't you just keep quiet, I need to pamper myself". After that, we went to the underground shop and another dangerous zone..all beautiful items sold! can just see the pictures below to see how crazy I was.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wonderful embroidery from Hungary

Early this week I went to Budapest in Hungary( I went to visit my daughter who is studying in Czech Republic).I would like to share my craziness over the wonderful handmade embroidery that I came across at the market there..I was stunned by the creative colourful embroidery..tablecloths,cushions,bags,pillows,..and many other collections.I just bought some as a sample to be displayed at my shop 'GALERI MANIK'. Anybody interested to see just welcome to my shop.I will frame some of them as a source of inspiration (..easy to copy the nice design)or just for me to admire ..sure, I will upload here soon. We did spent half of the day at the market place.If you happen to go there, sure you will enjoy it.I also love the yarns for my crochet..and I was mad at the beads too as it is quite different from the beads from Japan.

Friday, April 12, 2013


So long I have not update my blog.I was quite busy lately and always busy..Last month, I taught 2 ladies to sew Sulam Benang or Hand Thread Embroidery.They were so interested to learn how to embroider. It is nice and LOOKS EASY.After 4 times of attending class,one of the ladies brought a kurung and asked me to sew for her.I asked 'you have learnt the skill,why do you ask me to sew, you should try yourself'..She just grinned and said 'I am afraid if I would spoil my expensive dress, now I know is not a matter of skill to sew embroidery but we must also creative to match the colour of threads, to design a perfect design that looks realistic with the curve and not 'KERAS or KAKU'. Actually, it is OK as long as you always practise it and be confident to apply all the skills learnt.So Happy Sewing for this coming RAYA.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

practice makes perfect

A few of my customers become my 'students' for thread hand embroidery and also beads embroidery class..On attending the class, they thought that it is easy to sew the embroidery..(of course it is not that difficult).on the first try of sewing..ha ha it is not as expected!To have the skill to hold the needle,thread and cloth..everything must be syncronized well..another thing is to make the embroidery beautiful,lively,beautiful choice of colours,the flow,the nice design and so on..again we must be patient to master the skill..try and error..if we are not satisfied, just unpick and do it again.When we look at people sewing, it seems as easy as ABC.I believe,it takes time to produce a nice piece of embroidery. That is why our old saying says ' practice makes perfect'..So my dear friens,happy sewing.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

cheaper price

Again my beloved customer came in and said 'the other shop offers better price'..'I can get more crystals with cheaper price' if you were me, what would you feel or say?.Sometimes, it is sarcastic to say',you can go and buy there!'.But according to bussiness mentor, we should not say such unprofessional answer..I think most shop owners will face the same situation..BE PATIENT.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


today, my new customer came to my shop.She showed me three voile 'tudung' or headcover and asked me to sew beads on the front partof it. At that time , she wore the one as a is unique as I have never seen other ladies wearing it.Actually , I never thought of is beautiful! sometimes, our customer did contribute brilliant ideas for me in sewing beads embroidery..yes, another free idea.Tq my dear customer.I hope to do it on mine too.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


When I was teaching in my class,I saw a plain pencil case made of rough material. I asked the girl'where did you buy it?'.She told me that she bought it at a supermarket.Do you know why I asked her? I have something in my mind..I can turn it to a unique piece of can put felt craft to make it can put unique colourful buttons, beads or sew embroideries. I am sure it will become beautiful..the cheap plain pencil case will become great or at least different from others. If you make it for your kids,I am sure you will get the order from their classmates soon..and do not forget to put their names too.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Do you want to go to any occasion that you do not have time to sew beads to beautify your dress? Here, I would like to suggest you to sew beautiful colourful French Laces on your 'kurung'and scatter some pearl beads or crystals..instead you can choose the opposite colours such as red lace on black material or vice versa. You can always try pink lace on green material..I am sure it will be nice.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Do you like to sew bags on your own? Where did you buy the bag handle? Some people like to make their own bag handle from the material itself,or they can easily buy the cotton webbing at the craft shop, Also,there are various types of bag handle from rattan,plastic, fibre or wood, .. anyhow, it is not that easy to find such come and get it at my shop Galeri Manik..for handmade bag lovers, happy sewing. I saw my friend,Sue made the bag from 'batik sarung''s beautiful..just add further embellishments of will be unique for sure.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Most of the beautiful blouses sold at the market are mostly for those S,M and L sizes.At my age and most of my colleagues too, would prefer bigger one of XL,XXL and even XXXL (actually, the truth is not prefer but HAVE to!).So,they are quite limited to choose from( not for pregnant ladies'fashion eh?)..if we like it, hmm.. no size.To overcome this, my friend and I decided to attend a sewing class for sewing big extra large blouses.I think it is high time for us to produce it to cater their needs.May be we can sew handmade thread embroidery or beads to make it beautiful..we can make from soft-coloured cotton..I think it will be nice.Any suggestion from you,friend? or any order?(just kidding)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Beautiful Beaded Sandals

Good morning my dear blog visitors..As usual I am always eager to tell you my recent beads project.Just to share ideas..sharing is caring. Recently, I bought a pair of sandals, so I modified it so that it is unique.You want to know how? I sew beads, crystals and pearls on top of it..then you will look different! You can put colourful beads by sewing to the canvas or the ribbons on it.I am sure your business begins now..sure your friend will like it too. So,better start taking orders now.Actually, I take this idea from Malacca where the Nyonya sandals are usually sewn with beads.

Longing for Advertorials

As a Nuffnanger, how I wish to be chosen as Advertorials..I know,there will be so many competitors among bloggers..I hope I am eligible for advertorials.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


In 1986, I went to Birmingham to visit my hubby who's attending a course there..While visiting several places,I did not forget to go to the market. I was so fascinated by the wonderful laces!There are variety of them and mostly white in colour.The wide one was gorgeous that I can make so many things like pillow, cushions,table runner and so on. Besides laces, there were also ready-made laced curtains..the frills were lacey.But..unfortunately, I did not have much cash then (I did buy some, anyway..). Money need to be distributed many things to consider..branded lipstick,Clark shoes, Bally shoes,Christian Dior (seemed quite cheap there)and also Royal Alberts..not that I bought everything..just to share with you what I saw.I know, my friend overthere will also be like me.LADIES ARE LADIES ..anybody wants to go can 'KIRIM'.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Thank you to Nuffnang for accepting me to be in the Glitterati group. At first I thought it was impossible for me to reach such status. I was so happy to see the package specially offered to Glitterati members, it's amazing!..when I heard of Glitterati I always associate the word with something I right? So here, I relate it with my humble blog about beads, crystals which are also glittering on ladies'dress or kurung..and often will be praised by others too.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013


My sister went to Vietnam last year and she bought a few long dress or 'Jubah'. I wonder how they are so advance to know the current taste of Malaysians especially the Muslim ladies. Now,it is popular with beads embroidery on facinates me where the cost is quite cheap.Though the quality of the beads is not satisfactory,the idea and design is just ok..very creative.I think they (Vietnamese) are clever people who always study the fashion trends including the intricate 'Tudung' or the headcover..the embroidery is so fine.We are always the buyers..why can't we make our own? .

Saturday, January 5, 2013


It was quite funny as I was blogging at 12 o'clock midnight. When I checked the blog's statistics for the Nuffnang performance and earning, it was stated zero. So, I was blaming my husband for making the mess with my blog that turns zero. I was so frustrated and kept on thinking why? Thanks God for giving me the brain to be able to think rationally. Do you know why? It was stated zero because IT WAS already A NEW DAY!SO NO VISITORS AND EARNING YET. We had a good laugh.And for this year 2013, I would like to increase my income and at least a step better or richer.I want to make further plans in sewing projects,more beads and embroidery or 'jahit sulam',more crochet...I would go to sewing classes like sewing dress and so on.

Amazon Affiliate

Yesterday I received an e-mail from somebody offering me to be an Amazon Affiliate. I did read about joining 'Affiliate' to get cash through advertising.In this case , I can advertise Amazon 'business'in my blog. If anybody click or order things from the advertisement,I will be paid by the company.Though, it seems positive, I do not know how to manage it (lack of knowledge again!). If I know how to go about it, I would certainly advertise on selling books especially books on craft, embroidery, quilting, sewing, patchwork,crocheting and so forth.I think many ladies overthere who are intersted to buy those books including me.And I also will get money without working !..anyway..That's only my sweet dream eh?

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Friday, January 4, 2013

My Nuffnang Experience

When I started blogging last year, I always came across the word 'nuffnang'.What does it mean?I just asked my friends and google to get more info.So I got the general idea.I started to follow step by step on how to register as a member.Tarra!! I got it. From that point, I did not know how to I just left and ignored it for almost a year. From reading, I got some info to put an advertisement..Oh Goshh! The HTML!I just know nothing..I kept on trying..and lastly I was stuck on how to copy and paste in between contents..I tried to post 'tickets'to Nuffnang telling 'there is no ads on my blog'.I know this must be due to technical error ( I think so..wink).Then I SOS my Mama to continue..lastly I got it!..I am so happy.Hopefully, I will get the benefit of CPC, BE etc as well as to share my blog 'beautiful beads and handmade embroidery'with the Nuffnangers.Ladies, welcome to view my blog too.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nuffnang dan Rezeki | Namee Roslan

Nuffnang dan Rezeki | Namee RoslanI baru jumpa blog namee..masih blurr..apa tu BE.lepas kita daftar iklan nuffnang tu keluar terus ke atau tunggu beberapa hari..mari tengok blog saya ok ke camni..saya pakai hentam je x tau cara cammana nak letak iklan tu kat blog

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hand Made books/magazine

Last few days I went to Popular Bookstore,and I went to my favourite corner..Chinese books! Sometimes the Chinese in the shop would look at me when I browsed through the Hand Made magazine(the title of the magazine is 'Hand Made). maybe they wonder whether I can read (as I am Malay). The price offered is reasonable, just RM15 for the old outdated is ok because the content is never out of date. My dear friends,it is really interesting though you do not know how to read Mandarin! It provides many patterns such as bags etc.We can follow the steps to sew the bags..I am sure you can do it easily..happy sewing