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Friday, January 4, 2013

My Nuffnang Experience

When I started blogging last year, I always came across the word 'nuffnang'.What does it mean?I just asked my friends and google to get more info.So I got the general idea.I started to follow step by step on how to register as a member.Tarra!! I got it. From that point, I did not know how to I just left and ignored it for almost a year. From reading, I got some info to put an advertisement..Oh Goshh! The HTML!I just know nothing..I kept on trying..and lastly I was stuck on how to copy and paste in between contents..I tried to post 'tickets'to Nuffnang telling 'there is no ads on my blog'.I know this must be due to technical error ( I think so..wink).Then I SOS my Mama to continue..lastly I got it!..I am so happy.Hopefully, I will get the benefit of CPC, BE etc as well as to share my blog 'beautiful beads and handmade embroidery'with the Nuffnangers.Ladies, welcome to view my blog too.

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