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Friday, December 30, 2011

MyBotang Crafty Corner: OLFA Rotary Cutter

MyBotang Crafty Corner: OLFA Rotary Cutter

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jack of all trades

I have been involved in almost everything like sewing,crafting,crochet,tatting,hand embroidery,beads embroidery,cross-stitch,quilting,patchwork but not knitting!Since I was in primary school until now at the ripe age,I still love all that but i wonder why the young generation of today do not like to do it(especially my three girls). Their excuses are : do not have time,better sleep than sewing,so tedious work and blaa.. bla..I think such activities are very good to overcome stress( a theraphy) or as a side income.I never let my time pass without doing anything. I hope I am JACK OF ALL TRADES,A MASTER OF ALL..not A MASTER OF NONE!

Monday, December 26, 2011

bag making workshop

yesterday 25 Dec. my friend,Zainedah and I attended a bag making workshop conducted by zila kassim
in Terengganu. Zila rented a house for us to do our bag project.We chose a more complicated bag's pattern so that we could learn many techniques .we started at 10am and only managed to finish at around 6.30pm!anyway we felt so satisfied as ziela coached us individually. the participants were so engrossed with their work until we produced one cute bag each..we were so happy!after the class we bought some items from her such as zip,sewing accessories (it is difficult to find in the local shop). In the coming Chinese New Year holidays,we still want to have such session at Kota Bharu.Besides acquiring knowledge ,we also can get friends of the same interest/hobbies.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

crochet yarn

Last two days, i went to Malacca. i went to Mewah Kristal at Jalan Bunga Raya off Jalan Bendahara to buy beads,crystals and pearl beads.The beads is MGB of Matsuno Brand from Japan.On the same lane (opposite the shop) i went to another shop selling craft items..i bought beautiful crochet yarn..five balls.. on the way back, i regretted for not buying more!On the following day,i went to Muar town and tried to find a handicraft shop to buy similar yarns..but the choice is quite limited.Again, i bought 15 happy to purchase them..i managed to finish 5 telephone pouches and i hope to complete my crocheted bag soon.Of course,i am not deviating from my original theme 'beads and embroidery' because the final touch for the crafts is decorating them with beads,buttons,pearls or sew embroideries.After buying the yarns,i entered an old antic Chinese bookshop. As usual i browsed through the books hunting for crochet or embroidery books..luckily, i spotted two old (almost yellow) Ondori Japan books, but the designs of the embroideries are all beautiful!I did bargain but i have yet to pay RM50 for two books..yes..the price is never antic.
Those days,i used to collect Ondori books,but now I end up only one with me! Why?..because people only like to borrow but never like to return.Do you agree with me?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Wool and crochet yarn

oh! ...I have so many activities in my mind.When I browse through Crochet blogs by crochet lovers, I also caught the disease. I went to buy crochet needle and wool yarn of cream and soft brown colour. I plan to do crochet tote bag and after finishing it I am going to decorate it with small colourful crochet flowers which is very popular recently.I already got a book on crochet flowers..just nice!Anyhow,wool and crochet yarn which is more fancy is quite limited here (may be people here don't like to knit or doing crochet..again my hasty generalization!).Anybody wants to go to UK,US or Australia, please buy a lot and sell it to me as I have so many projects to be done.

Yarn dyed fabric

Today I am going to post an order for yarn dyed fabric from May May Shop.This fabric is suitable to make tote bags,pencil case,purse,keychain holders,cushions and others. I like it because it is so popular among Japanese crafters to create such items.It is usually plain, striped or checked design. We can combine different colours to make it beautiful( you can refer to Taiwan or Japan Craft book to get the idea).Though the price is not very cheap( make it sound better than to say expensive!),satisfaction is more important, right?

fruits pincushions

Last Tuesday, i went to KL and i bought a magazine 'MOLLIE makes'at MPH bookstore in Alamanda. I like the handmade pincushions which are very cute.It was shown how to make apple and pear pincushions from cotton fabric.To make it firm, you can put iron-on interfacing.You can cut six separate panels( like doing quilting).The shape of the panels should be something like a normal leaf, wide in the middle and narrow at both ends. After sewing all the panels together,put in the filling of cotton or the synthetic fibre. Sew the button at the centre of the apple and pull it tight to form a dimple at the top and bottom. Later, you may attach the stalk and the leaf..tadaaa! you can put or poke your pins used for sewing ( i am sure your feet will be safe and sound from being hurt by the pins!}

Friday, November 25, 2011

thread embroidery- i sew this embroidery on my 'kurung' or traditional dress. i also put iron-on swarovsky crystals in random

wedding gown- this is my friend's wedding gown that i embellished with beads,crystals and sequins

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Felt craft first try

i tried to do felt craft such as keychain and is quite interesting to mix and match felt colours combined with cute colourful buttons and not forgetting the beads!i fell in love with the handmade items.i am going to try handphone case and coin purse.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Crochet Attic: Crystal Palace Mochi Plus Yarn

Crochet Attic: Crystal Palace Mochi Plus Yarn


Last week, i looked for felt craft blog and i found one interesting site..on seeing at the map, the location of felt craft workshop is just an hour drive from my house.So,on saturday i went to the place and i bought some felt materials,punch equipment,packets of beautiful colourful buttons and also some synthetic wool to be used in making the craft.Without wasting my time,that night, i made one love-shape brooch and decorate it with cute buttons. i used pink and purple felt..and of course it is so easy..i think i want to do more items like pouch,wristlet small purse, bookmark and a lot more.and another information is that it is owned by a young lady.The colour of her workshop is purple.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Pincushion is a small cushion to poke your pins when you sew.Before this i never imagine that pincushions also can be made so creative and cute. I came across one book about how to make it and decorate with different motives such as fruits,ice-cream cone,cup-cakes and many other fantastic shapes.WE can improve it using embroidery,ribbons,lace and even colourful beads!Also we can use crochet,cross-stitch,patchwork or even quilting. If you want to explore more about it ,just surf the internet by typing the keyword 'PINCUSHIONS'..sure you will get the idea.You can do and give it to your friends who like to can give me too!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I like to go to bookstores and it is quite dangerous if I ever go with my kids (especially boy). He is so jealous and often show bored face whenever at the for me I can spend hours browsing books especially on the topic of internet marketing, crochet, craft or any on handmade products. Last 2 months, I came across a book entitled 'HAND MADE'..and is an interesting book with all the wonderful designs/patterns of making bags and other crafty items. I am not sure whether the book is in Chinese writing, Korea or Japanese.. of course i only look at the pattern and not at the written characters.I can find it at Popular Bookstore at KB Mall. Starting from that day, i never miss to buy it for my collection and useful reference.

Friday, October 21, 2011

My friend's wedding dress

Now, I am sewing beads embroidery on my friend's wedding dress (of course she is much younger than i am, to be exact she is my staff). She bought a cream readymade dress from a shop and she asked me to put embellishments of beads, sequins, glass pearls and acrylic stones. I take the white lace flowers which I cut from the lace material and sew at the bottom front of the dress, also on the sleeves.i put a big crystal at the center of each flowers and surround by sequins.Also I sew bling bling glass pearl of different sizes hanging at the edge of the sleeves as well as the dress to make a difference. I want it to look simple, sweet and elegant.The same goes to the long skirt to be worn with the dress..I want her to look great on her important day. I wish you a Happy Wedding Day!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Recieved new orders

I am so happy to recieve my orders for bags accessories (to make handmade bags or pouch) such as D-ring, bag handles, zips, rotary cutter, magnetic buttons and a few more. Then, in the afternoon I went to Kota Bharu to buy  Japanese cotton cloths to make bags.(only to make!)..mind the grammar, it is future tense.ok. it is only to please my anxiousness to sew. I hope during this coming school holiday, i can do it as i will have ample time.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Don't be surprise to read the topic eh? just to share with you the dilemma of giving a name to a going-to-be shop. i have a difficult time to think of a name to the new shop.what is the most suitable name to be given to a  shop to sell beads and sewing accessories such as  many kinds of threads, buttons,and bla..bla. i thought of a name THE BUTTONS..but my hubby said you are not going to sell only buttons! So i shifted to THE BEADS.. and as usual he said the people have to look at a dictionary to know the meaning of beads. I began to find another name MANIK COMEL meaning beautiful beads, again he said that's too what else should i put it? LADIES CORNER?..that means your shop must be very noisy with ladies' voices..ha! ha! do you have any suggestion as i am tired of thinking about it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New embroidery books

this morning i went to two bookshops. At the first bookshop i bought a book about crochet of small flowers ( i dont know when i am going to start doing it!). At the second shop i bought two more Chinese written books on Handmade (of course i dont know how to read, i just refer to the pattern!).. so i began browsing the book and dreaming of my oncoming projects. Yesterday i just bought 3 books on hand embroidery pattern..they are so lovely. This is my bad habit of not to miss the chance to buy books on craft..i admit this is my weakness..

Monday, September 19, 2011

How to make wedding veil

In order to be unique and gorgeous on your wedding confident to sew your own veil. Do you have the idea? I do like this :
1. I bought chiffon material of light blue (length according to your height).
2. Cut the material. I make it rounded at the side and at the back The length is to the waist or slightly below.
3. Cut the Lace material following the floral design. Sew the lace to the top part of the veil or head. Also put along the edge of the veil. At the top of your head, make the design curve high at the centre and also at the back.
4. Sew your sequins and beads and also crystal. Mixed the beads of white, silver and blue. Also do not forget the pearl beads of various sizes..
5. Iron the material with low heat (not to burn the piece after a hard day of sewing beads!)
6.Ready to wear. BUT if you are not gifted with creative fingers, you are welcome to ask me to LAST!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am like a CARPENTER

i am so relieve that my daughter"s wedding is over.Some of my friends are scolding me for not inviting them and i am so sorry as this is the first experience managing such a big event..i just cannot think..i just gave the cards to anyone who came across my mind,,Anyway, i am so proud as i have said earlier that i made or sew the wedding veil with sequins, beads and crystals myself..i think it looked fabulous ( he! he! not to boast but it is never wrong to congratulate myself, right?)..and so with the wedding gowns of shocking pink combined with light blue with glamorous beads.After this i am going to sew wedding veils with beads and sequins..anybody interested to order can do so! advertizing eh? another funny story is, i sew other people's dress with all glitters but i do not have time to make it on my own dress hu hu hu..i am just like a carpenter..never finish his own house!

Monday, August 22, 2011


I am quite lack of time these days to update my site..with my daughter's wedding is just around the time to invite time to do everything..lack of time to sew..Anyway,i have to find time to sew sequins, pearls and crystals on the veil and wedding gowns!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


At the end of last year (2010), I went to Medina. One evening, we went to a shop near our hotel. All of a sudden, i was hooked to a beautiful black long dress or 'jubah ' with pink handmade embroidery..yes embroidery again, my passion.I felt that i want to buy it but i kept on thinking..should i buy it?..also it was quite expensive..actually, it is not expensive for such a nice piece of intricate work. you know, i ended up buying nothing! After that, until now i REGRET FOR NOT BUYING it. That is why people said ' better buy than you regret later'. anyhow please think wisely before you buy or may be you regret buying something..vice versa.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Recycling old clothes by beads embroidery

Dear friends,

In order to create beads embroidery, it needs patience and creativity as it will take a long time to complete. Now, clothings with beads embroidery is considered to be very fashionable which display uniqueness.

Yessss...shhh! you can recycle your old clothes by spicing it up with beads. I am sure it will certainly look better and now you have another 'new' outfit!

I tell you another SECRET, if you are already bored with that dress, you can recycle the BEADS.
You can unpick the beads. stones and crystals on your old clothes and sew another new patterns on your new clothes. Economical isn't it? We are good housewives! so congratulate ourselves for saving money. Beading is fun.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NEW! NEW! 3D or 3 dimensions beads embroidery

Last Saturday I went to Cinta Shop to buy beads at Kota Bharu. All of a sudden I saw a new book by my favourite author Puan Rosita Jaafar. I was so happy as I really want to learn the new type of sewing beads embroidery called 3D. The pictures included in the book are just so beautiful and realistic with its wonderful colour combination. Anyway,I haven't try sewing it yet..never mind,I am definitely going to sew it on one fine day..for the book, yes.. I get another collection.So, if I have done it,I promise to put the picture/photo here in my blog..wait!
Here, we use Peyote (pronounce pey-oh-tee)stitch where we have to weave the beads using needle and thread to form like a 'fabric".Peyote stitch is a specific bead weaving originated from America.Lastly, we creatively arrange the peyote petals of flowers and its foliage combined with crystals to our dresses.Can you imagine? The finishing is just like real flowers(have 3 dimensional pattern). That is why we call it 3D.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yesterday there was a girl knocking at the door. She offered me to teach variety of sewing like patchwork,quilting, beads embroidery,sewing clothes,cushion, duvet,curtains and bla.. bla... I was really overwhelmed! as all the offer was just perfect of my likings and hobbies. So I asked her to teach me to sew a tote bag. Oh! it seemed so easy, she came out with a cute small tote bag with some machine embroidery. I was stunned with her many skills in sewing. Actually , she came to demonstrate for her i hope i can register..but the price is not quite logical!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why do we know how to sew?

Guess why?the answer is we had fierce Domestic Science teachers.A beautiful named Mrs Fam Fook Choy or Molly.another teacher was Miss Tai Eng Ngor ( oh i still remember her mouth). we were so afraid of her that sometimes our friend,Khadijah,used to hide in the toilet and not enter her class!) ..But now i know,teacher,thank you for having so strict to us..if not,we would not be able to hold a needle or sew a button. Only now we know that you are good..hello teacher! are you still there somewhere in the globe?

are fantastic too!again welcome to my blog.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Girl's View

Here,I would like to give a little girl's view (my niece,Aina) of beads embroidery. Last festive season,i sewed beads on her dress and she was so happy telling everyone in the family and her friends.she told me that everybody adored her beautiful beaded dress.I just smiled.One day,she came to my house showing me another dress and grinned (toothless) " Auntie...I think this dress needs more beads!".. he..he..what a view! Anyway,i understand what she meant.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My daughter's Wedding dress

One disadvantage of knowing how to sew beads is that you want to sew it yourself. Same thing happens here. My daughter's wedding is coming soon somewhere in i said to her, let Mama sew the beads on the dress combined with pearl beads,sequins and crystals. She had sewn a long dress and i wish i could finish it by mid August.The problem is that whether to rent the dress from the wedding boutique or to sew it because if we rent we have to pay a lot of money and yet the dress belongs to them..but if we do it ourselves, the dress is ours. So,I choose the second choice but what am I going to do with it later on? sell? to be rented again? to wear?( no! no!). So as not to waste it I will put as an Exhibition in my boutique one day (as i said it is never wrong to dream , right?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Beads history

Seeds beads are very popular in beads embroidery
-round glass beads or doughnut shape, also known as rocailles
-made from glass about 5000 years ago
-first used by Egyptian
-further developed in usage to Venice, to Bohemia and later to other parts of Europe
-In 1549, a glass factory was set up in London
- Now, Japan is the biggest producer of beads
-Miyuki, is a popular name among beaders with its good quality
(TQ: info by Imass)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

beads and thread handmade embroidery

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on 3.7.2011, i organised beads class to my friends.Actually, about six or seven of them
registered but only 3 managed to come as the others were very busy doing other chores. i just followed the steps of sewing beads given by Puan Intan or Imass (i think she must be proud of me to be confident enough to teach).We started at about 9.00 am and finished at around 3.00 pm. they seemed to enjoy the class. Besides sharing knowledge of beading,we could also discuss many things. Luckily, all of them were very cooperative and easy to understand. we ended our session smoothly.I hope my students can do such activities
later on or can sell their products...anybody interested to have class just let me know

Friday, July 1, 2011

How to design motifs?

Many beginners of beads embroidery find it difficult to draw design on materials, especially those who are not gifted in drawing..don't worry, you can follow my tips :
- just take any flowery design from the materials, so you can trace using tracing paper onto your garments
-take ideas from magazines, you can take the design
 from the designer clothes
- if you want to draw, make it flow and not rigid or stiff by using the water erasable pen
-just buy thread embroidery books and copy the design
-you can also trace pictures of real flowers from books and don't forget to mix and match the designs
SO do not worry....practice makes perfect. happy beading!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

the more the merrier

i'm happy to see the visitors of my blog increasing (as i thought nobody would visit my humble site!) yes..welcome!in fact they're from other countries far away like Bandung, Indonesia, California and from my own country from KL, Shah Alam, Kuantan, Sarawak, Sabah and so on.oh! how small this world is. I really appreciate your effort and do come again whenever you are free..remember the old song we used to sing in our primary school..'the more we get together, the merrier will be..'
I have a pen
my pen is blue
I have a friend
my friend is YOU!

Hey! quite nostalgic eh?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sweet dreams

dear beloved bloggers..sorry for not updating the blog for the past three days as my old pc is not, i got a new laptop.Anyway,do you have any dream? yes,it's never wrong to dream as it is free,no harm to anybody. what is my dream regarding the topic of my blog'wonderful beads and handmade embroidery'. here i'll list down my dream..sweet dream (don't laugh at me!)
- i would like to open a boutique selling apparels with beautiful embroideries
- i want to open an online business selling products of handmade embroidery such as bags,cushions,doilies,bedsheets,tablecloths and others with my brand name
- i want to sew creative designs on famous designer clothes like Sharifah Kirana, Jedan,Rizalman or Bill Keith..of course they'll pay me quite a sum!
- i want to have a link with the other wonderful bloggers like YOU!
i think that's enough of my sweet dream for the time being.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to keep our 'beloved' beads

we beaders should keep beads at a safe place.Who is the possible 'nuisanse' to the beads? is our children and the other is our cats!
So we can keep our beads safely:
- in a small compartment box you can buy at a craft shop (it's quite expensive)
- in small bottles
- to be more economical,small transparent plastic containers
- put in small 'tupperware-like' containers sold cheaply at the night market (i used to buy 4 for only RM2.50..and with that price you can buy dozens!)
- all the containers should be arranged neatly in a box or square basket
In this case the beads will be safe and sound till we need it.Happy beading!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


My dear faithful visitors..i think all of us often stress due to so many upcomings such as bored clarical work, 'have to do' house chores,'lazy' children,traffic jam, unfavourable boss,updating files,frequent meetings bla bla...anyway that's life. So,we have to find ways to overcome or lessen stress.we must have time for ourselves,we must love ourselves,we must pamper ourselves.Example? so many things on earth! -make new clothes, -buy wonderful brooch (Ozel 0r gold one!)
-buy new lipstick 0r compact powder(if u like)
-visit hair saloon
-go shopping alone and buy what you like (not with your children please!)
-read novels by favourite authors (Danielle Steel,Judith Mcnaught and you will cry for the story!)
-so long you have been neglecting your crochet balls, your beloved old sewing machine and you can start sewing..he..he.. sewing again.Make simple cushion from flowery pink roses cotton materials
-gardening? yes..beautiful colourful orchids, roses,petunia or even the simplest mother-in-laws tongue!
-cook family's favourite menu
so..stress no more..first of all LOVE OURSELVES..right?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tips on how to promote your blog

1- SEO or search engine should use correct keywords when writing your blog entry.As your guide you can refer to :

2.Email signature - When you send email,your signature will automatically appear. when your friend read your email, they will see the content of the signature.First, login to Yahoo!Mail account.Click at[Options < more Options}.Click [Signature].Then you write your e-mail signature such as your name,online shop,contact no or your blog contact. Then press[Save Changes]button.Happy trying!sharing is caring.
3. Write comments on other people's blog can also promote ur blog.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

beads motifs learnt during class

beads embroidery class

Last Saturday, i went to beads embroidery class at Suria Hotel in Kota Bharu. oh.. how exciting to learn something new and worth paying RM150 for the fees.We learnt 20 types of designs and i got some tips of sewing beads as well.Though i ve been doing these beading activities for years, i still gained something..thank you very much to the sifu Imass or Intan Mastura Salleh. Besides that, i could meet so many new friends of the same hobbies.I met Azzura,a boutique owner and many others who came from all over Kelantan.We shared our experience and had a nice time there.We adjourned at about 6.30pm..What a day!

Example of beads and sequins flowers

beads embroidery class

Monday, May 30, 2011


Hello my dear bloggers!
So happy I ve a blog i too old for that? you should congratulate me.. do you know how i got involved?I read books:
1. Azizi Ali's books
2 Bisnes Internet by Azahar Abdul Rahman
3 Menjual Perkhidmatan di Internet by Osman Affan
4 101 Bisnes Home-based
5 Rahsia Bisnes Google by N.K Susrini
6 Panduan Membuat Kedai Online by Taufik Hidayat
(My husband used to smile at me whenever i asked to stop for five minutes at bookshop!)
Hopefully i can explore more of the least i am not blind about those topics

Saturday, May 28, 2011


On 11th Jun i will attend a course in sewing beads on dresses or our traditional clothes called baju kurung in Kota Bharu, organised by Imass.The cost is RM150.Never mind at least i can learn something new.So far i m not sure whether i did my beadwork correctly or not. Actually i have been involved in beadings since the last seven years and now becoming more serious in this field as i can earn extra money...not a lot but i just enjoy and love doing it..or should i say 'do with love'..sounds funny right? what more important is satisfaction.I am proud to see my work and especially admired by other people.Sometimes i wonder why some poor people said no money! why can't they be creative and do some craftwork to sell? There i will learn new designs like Crumble and 3D designs.Hopefully, next time i can organize such course too!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last year i went to Vietnam and last March i went to Beijing..Oh..i found out that they did a fastastic handicraft like beautiful tablecloth,hand embroideries on blouses,cushions,doilies and a lot more.So you know what!As usual my spirit in doing all such work flared.I must do it and i can make a lot of money by selling my products but alas...i just don't have time but i need to find time..I don't know when i can start my wonderful project.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Actually i am so frustrated when I signed for Adsense but i was rejected from joining the programme in Google due to my unsuitable language usage. Anyway i will try again as i think this is my first challenge and of course i can write in English. I really hope and interested to join you