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Items to order Price CROCHET 1. Handphone Case RM15 2. I-Pad Case RM40 HANDMADE THREAD EMBROIDERY 1. DOILY RM20 2. ROUND TABLECLOTH (Medium) RM50 3. EMBROIDERY ON BLOUSE OR KURUNG RM25 - RM60 (Customer's own blouse or kurung) 4. EMBROIDERY ON TUDUNG RM25 - RM40 (Customer's own tudung) 5. CURTAIN HOLDER RM25 6. CUSHION RM30 - RM60 BEADS EMBROIDERY 1. BLOUSE, KURUNG OR JUBAH RM35 - RM80 (Customer's own material) 2. TUDUNG RM35 (Customer's own tudung) 3. CUSHION RM35 - RM60 4. CURTAIN HOLDER RM35 BATIK 1. A PAIR OF BATIK KURUNG (4 metres) RM260 (Material: Crepe or Jacob silk) 2. BATIK SHIRT RM160 (Material : Crepe or Jacob)

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