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Sunday, December 29, 2013


When we go anywhere, it is quite difficult to find things that we really want. Last week,we went shopping at the market in Bangkok and at the night market in Chiengmai and Chieng Rai. I actually want to buy the sewing accessories,threads, yarns or other things related to embroidery.But it was quite frustrated because I could not spot any of those items..maybe the place was too big or located at the other end of the place..also,the participants were from different interest..I love sewing items but our friends like bags, clothes,shoes and other unique handicrafts.I imagined that one day I would go with my common interest friends and we can focus on the things that we love doing...sewing kits, embroideries, crochet, cotton cloth etc. I did only once came across a shop selling cotton material with so many choices but alas.. they were all rushing to visit the Umbrella Making time to buy! so Zila jom!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Just to share my experience of having a trip to Thailand. Last week, my colleagues and I went to Thailand for a holiday. We went to visit Bangkok, Chieng Mai,Chieng Rai, border of Myanmar, boating to Laos and also a border town to Cambodia.Instead of all the dispute in Bangkok, we enjoyed ourselves very much.We went by bus and the journey was very very far from the south of Thailand to the border of Myanmar at the town of Mea Sai.All of us were like in a fridge as the temperature for that night was minus 0. During the day , it was about 12 degrees. That night in Mae sai, we pampered ourselves doing body nice.On the way there we stopped at the Hotspring,we were engrossed by the precious stones sold like rubies,jade and others. I bought one ruby ring and a jade stone.In Laos, as a souvenir I bought the traditional handmade cloth ( I will make it a table runner). I thought Thailand is a backward country but it is otherwise..they are so well develop without leaving their rich cultural heritage . I did not forget to go shopping at the huge Chattuchak market in Bangkok.It is so big that we did not have enough time to visit all the sections. Everything on earth were sold including the fried coakcroaches to the fried big fat maggots..eah! I was particularly searching for my sewing accessories but never found any ( maybe it is somewhere else in the other part of the market).I did buy the handmade cotton sewing box for my sewing kits.On the last day we went to Aryanpratet, the biggest market place in Thailand which is situated near Cambodia. Also it is very big that we should go there for a day not only just a few hours. The price is dead cheap.Actually, I do not know what to tell as to share with all dear friends..a lot of experience!..the wonderful landscape, clean toilets, tasty Tom Yam with very big prawns..and of course the famous Thai Silk.

Monday, December 9, 2013


As I have ordered the Turkey yarns online from Benangkait, I started crochet a cardigan for me..not really cardigan but just like a vest.If I want to make a cardigan (longsleeves)I will have to use more than 4 yarns whereas I only got 4 ( ehemm..the price is also another factor!).What a mistake I have made was that I ordered 4 different wonderful colourful yarns ( I love all the colours).. meaning I have to make my vest so stripy colourful..can I wear that? Will I look like a clown? No matter what people say or react, I will wear it for my own satisfaction of crochetting my own cardigan for the first time. Now, I nearly finish it..I just made it with no sleeves as I do not have enough yarns and furthermore I wonder if I will be able to finish it. After this I should buy only yarns of the same colour and not not to be greedy to purchase all the colours.I also will try to do baby booties or children's cardigan. I never say goodbye to my beads embroidery and thread handmade embroidery yet, but just to refresh my schooldays talent. Happy crochetting and bear with my chat.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Next week I am going for a trip to Bangkok. It was organised by the Girl Guides Society We are going to Chiengmai and Krabi too. During the trip I hope I will find many things in accordance to my interest or hobby of sewing beads, crochet and embroidery. I wish I can buy threads, yarns, materials and so forth.Also I would buy anything artistic, rare or unique especially handmade items. But, I know, if we travel in group it is quite hard to follow our needs or interest.I think in Thailand we can get a lot of embroidered things like in China..I also hope to enjoy the Thai cuisine..delicious Tom Yam!