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Friday, December 30, 2011

MyBotang Crafty Corner: OLFA Rotary Cutter

MyBotang Crafty Corner: OLFA Rotary Cutter

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jack of all trades

I have been involved in almost everything like sewing,crafting,crochet,tatting,hand embroidery,beads embroidery,cross-stitch,quilting,patchwork but not knitting!Since I was in primary school until now at the ripe age,I still love all that but i wonder why the young generation of today do not like to do it(especially my three girls). Their excuses are : do not have time,better sleep than sewing,so tedious work and blaa.. bla..I think such activities are very good to overcome stress( a theraphy) or as a side income.I never let my time pass without doing anything. I hope I am JACK OF ALL TRADES,A MASTER OF ALL..not A MASTER OF NONE!

Monday, December 26, 2011

bag making workshop

yesterday 25 Dec. my friend,Zainedah and I attended a bag making workshop conducted by zila kassim
in Terengganu. Zila rented a house for us to do our bag project.We chose a more complicated bag's pattern so that we could learn many techniques .we started at 10am and only managed to finish at around 6.30pm!anyway we felt so satisfied as ziela coached us individually. the participants were so engrossed with their work until we produced one cute bag each..we were so happy!after the class we bought some items from her such as zip,sewing accessories (it is difficult to find in the local shop). In the coming Chinese New Year holidays,we still want to have such session at Kota Bharu.Besides acquiring knowledge ,we also can get friends of the same interest/hobbies.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

crochet yarn

Last two days, i went to Malacca. i went to Mewah Kristal at Jalan Bunga Raya off Jalan Bendahara to buy beads,crystals and pearl beads.The beads is MGB of Matsuno Brand from Japan.On the same lane (opposite the shop) i went to another shop selling craft items..i bought beautiful crochet yarn..five balls.. on the way back, i regretted for not buying more!On the following day,i went to Muar town and tried to find a handicraft shop to buy similar yarns..but the choice is quite limited.Again, i bought 15 happy to purchase them..i managed to finish 5 telephone pouches and i hope to complete my crocheted bag soon.Of course,i am not deviating from my original theme 'beads and embroidery' because the final touch for the crafts is decorating them with beads,buttons,pearls or sew embroideries.After buying the yarns,i entered an old antic Chinese bookshop. As usual i browsed through the books hunting for crochet or embroidery books..luckily, i spotted two old (almost yellow) Ondori Japan books, but the designs of the embroideries are all beautiful!I did bargain but i have yet to pay RM50 for two books..yes..the price is never antic.
Those days,i used to collect Ondori books,but now I end up only one with me! Why?..because people only like to borrow but never like to return.Do you agree with me?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Wool and crochet yarn

oh! ...I have so many activities in my mind.When I browse through Crochet blogs by crochet lovers, I also caught the disease. I went to buy crochet needle and wool yarn of cream and soft brown colour. I plan to do crochet tote bag and after finishing it I am going to decorate it with small colourful crochet flowers which is very popular recently.I already got a book on crochet flowers..just nice!Anyhow,wool and crochet yarn which is more fancy is quite limited here (may be people here don't like to knit or doing crochet..again my hasty generalization!).Anybody wants to go to UK,US or Australia, please buy a lot and sell it to me as I have so many projects to be done.

Yarn dyed fabric

Today I am going to post an order for yarn dyed fabric from May May Shop.This fabric is suitable to make tote bags,pencil case,purse,keychain holders,cushions and others. I like it because it is so popular among Japanese crafters to create such items.It is usually plain, striped or checked design. We can combine different colours to make it beautiful( you can refer to Taiwan or Japan Craft book to get the idea).Though the price is not very cheap( make it sound better than to say expensive!),satisfaction is more important, right?

fruits pincushions

Last Tuesday, i went to KL and i bought a magazine 'MOLLIE makes'at MPH bookstore in Alamanda. I like the handmade pincushions which are very cute.It was shown how to make apple and pear pincushions from cotton fabric.To make it firm, you can put iron-on interfacing.You can cut six separate panels( like doing quilting).The shape of the panels should be something like a normal leaf, wide in the middle and narrow at both ends. After sewing all the panels together,put in the filling of cotton or the synthetic fibre. Sew the button at the centre of the apple and pull it tight to form a dimple at the top and bottom. Later, you may attach the stalk and the leaf..tadaaa! you can put or poke your pins used for sewing ( i am sure your feet will be safe and sound from being hurt by the pins!}