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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Potholders and aprons

My second project after hibernating for so long is to make very simple aprons and potholders as I believe both are very important to us which we use everyday..I googled for some unique patterns..yes.. I found some beautiful patterns..thanks to our modern technology..when I told my friend that I am going to do aprons she ordered two already..ha..ha selling aprons and pot holders..easy money instead.You can put ribbons, button or laces to make them sweet.So happy sewing potholders and aprons and give your mum or friends as a birthday gift..I am pretty sure they will remember you everyday as they use it often right.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

These few days i began to start my project of mending and altering..first, i started by altering my kurung which is a bit smaller..not sure whether the material is shrinking or my weight is increasing..yes, the sewing machine which i have abandoned for so long,i started to use it again..of course i am so happy as i can wear my kurung comfortably as i mend it bigger.On the next day, my daughter began to open her wardrobe and asked me to alter her blouses too, to make darts,to make the blouse