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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Expensive for satisfaction

Last week I went for a holiday trip with Honey Vacation package to Turkey.Of course it was certainly an enjoyable and very informative by visiting the famous ancient places.. The Troy and 2 more historical building is great to see such places since Alexander The Great era. Ok as my interest is in embroidery..I went to the Grand Bazaar in it fascinates me with all the handmade embroidery items such as tablecloth, table runner, cushion cover etc. So I bought a handmade embroidered table runner and a pair of cushion cover. The price is quite expensive but I still have to buy it..I am sure I could not sleep or felt miserable for not buying..expensive but satisfaction is the most important. I understand why it is expensive as I am also involved in doing handmade sewing embroidery..that is why the buyer should understand why the price is high for needs patience !