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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

My friend's wedding dress

Now, I am sewing beads embroidery on my friend's wedding dress (of course she is much younger than i am, to be exact she is my staff). She bought a cream readymade dress from a shop and she asked me to put embellishments of beads, sequins, glass pearls and acrylic stones. I take the white lace flowers which I cut from the lace material and sew at the bottom front of the dress, also on the sleeves.i put a big crystal at the center of each flowers and surround by sequins.Also I sew bling bling glass pearl of different sizes hanging at the edge of the sleeves as well as the dress to make a difference. I want it to look simple, sweet and elegant.The same goes to the long skirt to be worn with the dress..I want her to look great on her important day. I wish you a Happy Wedding Day!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Recieved new orders

I am so happy to recieve my orders for bags accessories (to make handmade bags or pouch) such as D-ring, bag handles, zips, rotary cutter, magnetic buttons and a few more. Then, in the afternoon I went to Kota Bharu to buy  Japanese cotton cloths to make bags.(only to make!)..mind the grammar, it is future tense.ok. it is only to please my anxiousness to sew. I hope during this coming school holiday, i can do it as i will have ample time.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Don't be surprise to read the topic eh? just to share with you the dilemma of giving a name to a going-to-be shop. i have a difficult time to think of a name to the new shop.what is the most suitable name to be given to a  shop to sell beads and sewing accessories such as  many kinds of threads, buttons,and bla..bla. i thought of a name THE BUTTONS..but my hubby said you are not going to sell only buttons! So i shifted to THE BEADS.. and as usual he said the people have to look at a dictionary to know the meaning of beads. I began to find another name MANIK COMEL meaning beautiful beads, again he said that's too what else should i put it? LADIES CORNER?..that means your shop must be very noisy with ladies' voices..ha! ha! do you have any suggestion as i am tired of thinking about it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New embroidery books

this morning i went to two bookshops. At the first bookshop i bought a book about crochet of small flowers ( i dont know when i am going to start doing it!). At the second shop i bought two more Chinese written books on Handmade (of course i dont know how to read, i just refer to the pattern!).. so i began browsing the book and dreaming of my oncoming projects. Yesterday i just bought 3 books on hand embroidery pattern..they are so lovely. This is my bad habit of not to miss the chance to buy books on craft..i admit this is my weakness..