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Thursday, June 30, 2011

the more the merrier

i'm happy to see the visitors of my blog increasing (as i thought nobody would visit my humble site!) yes..welcome!in fact they're from other countries far away like Bandung, Indonesia, California and from my own country from KL, Shah Alam, Kuantan, Sarawak, Sabah and so on.oh! how small this world is. I really appreciate your effort and do come again whenever you are free..remember the old song we used to sing in our primary school..'the more we get together, the merrier will be..'
I have a pen
my pen is blue
I have a friend
my friend is YOU!

Hey! quite nostalgic eh?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sweet dreams

dear beloved bloggers..sorry for not updating the blog for the past three days as my old pc is not, i got a new laptop.Anyway,do you have any dream? yes,it's never wrong to dream as it is free,no harm to anybody. what is my dream regarding the topic of my blog'wonderful beads and handmade embroidery'. here i'll list down my dream..sweet dream (don't laugh at me!)
- i would like to open a boutique selling apparels with beautiful embroideries
- i want to open an online business selling products of handmade embroidery such as bags,cushions,doilies,bedsheets,tablecloths and others with my brand name
- i want to sew creative designs on famous designer clothes like Sharifah Kirana, Jedan,Rizalman or Bill Keith..of course they'll pay me quite a sum!
- i want to have a link with the other wonderful bloggers like YOU!
i think that's enough of my sweet dream for the time being.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to keep our 'beloved' beads

we beaders should keep beads at a safe place.Who is the possible 'nuisanse' to the beads? is our children and the other is our cats!
So we can keep our beads safely:
- in a small compartment box you can buy at a craft shop (it's quite expensive)
- in small bottles
- to be more economical,small transparent plastic containers
- put in small 'tupperware-like' containers sold cheaply at the night market (i used to buy 4 for only RM2.50..and with that price you can buy dozens!)
- all the containers should be arranged neatly in a box or square basket
In this case the beads will be safe and sound till we need it.Happy beading!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


My dear faithful visitors..i think all of us often stress due to so many upcomings such as bored clarical work, 'have to do' house chores,'lazy' children,traffic jam, unfavourable boss,updating files,frequent meetings bla bla...anyway that's life. So,we have to find ways to overcome or lessen stress.we must have time for ourselves,we must love ourselves,we must pamper ourselves.Example? so many things on earth! -make new clothes, -buy wonderful brooch (Ozel 0r gold one!)
-buy new lipstick 0r compact powder(if u like)
-visit hair saloon
-go shopping alone and buy what you like (not with your children please!)
-read novels by favourite authors (Danielle Steel,Judith Mcnaught and you will cry for the story!)
-so long you have been neglecting your crochet balls, your beloved old sewing machine and you can start sewing..he..he.. sewing again.Make simple cushion from flowery pink roses cotton materials
-gardening? yes..beautiful colourful orchids, roses,petunia or even the simplest mother-in-laws tongue!
-cook family's favourite menu
so..stress no more..first of all LOVE OURSELVES..right?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tips on how to promote your blog

1- SEO or search engine should use correct keywords when writing your blog entry.As your guide you can refer to :

2.Email signature - When you send email,your signature will automatically appear. when your friend read your email, they will see the content of the signature.First, login to Yahoo!Mail account.Click at[Options < more Options}.Click [Signature].Then you write your e-mail signature such as your name,online shop,contact no or your blog contact. Then press[Save Changes]button.Happy trying!sharing is caring.
3. Write comments on other people's blog can also promote ur blog.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

beads motifs learnt during class

beads embroidery class

Last Saturday, i went to beads embroidery class at Suria Hotel in Kota Bharu. oh.. how exciting to learn something new and worth paying RM150 for the fees.We learnt 20 types of designs and i got some tips of sewing beads as well.Though i ve been doing these beading activities for years, i still gained something..thank you very much to the sifu Imass or Intan Mastura Salleh. Besides that, i could meet so many new friends of the same hobbies.I met Azzura,a boutique owner and many others who came from all over Kelantan.We shared our experience and had a nice time there.We adjourned at about 6.30pm..What a day!

Example of beads and sequins flowers

beads embroidery class