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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wonderful embroidery from Hungary

Early this week I went to Budapest in Hungary( I went to visit my daughter who is studying in Czech Republic).I would like to share my craziness over the wonderful handmade embroidery that I came across at the market there..I was stunned by the creative colourful embroidery..tablecloths,cushions,bags,pillows,..and many other collections.I just bought some as a sample to be displayed at my shop 'GALERI MANIK'. Anybody interested to see just welcome to my shop.I will frame some of them as a source of inspiration (..easy to copy the nice design)or just for me to admire ..sure, I will upload here soon. We did spent half of the day at the market place.If you happen to go there, sure you will enjoy it.I also love the yarns for my crochet..and I was mad at the beads too as it is quite different from the beads from Japan.