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Friday, November 15, 2013


Last few days, I ordered 4 yarns and 1 crochet hook online from Puan Aiza. The yarns were imported from Turkey. The yarns are so beautiful and colourful. As usual I think I will love it so much that I feel very 'difficult' or 'sayang' to use it..Just like one of my friends who always refuse to use it whenever she got new yarns. She put it on the table to be seen and adore it.Maybe,those who are not in our shoes will think it is quite funny,yet it is a reality.Now, I am waiting for the yarns to be delivered to my door.Hopefully, I can get it soon or tomorrow.While doing crochet, I still do not forget to do my thread and beads embroidery. I have to embroider 4 more dresses.

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