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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Last month, I went to Kuala Lumpur and I went to Melawati to buy Cotton cloth. Before that we searched in the internet for the Comel Cotton Shop. On reaching there, we quickly went into the shop and started choosing the beautiful pieces.I chose 10 pieces because I was afraid if I bought more then it might not be sold and just wasting money. Actually, I made a wrong decision because all were sold out like hot cakes. If only I knew, I would buy 100 pieces! That's why, we should not underestimate things or market. Maybe I belong to the not so ambitious lot. Next time, I should not be afraid to buy more.The designs were all nice and meaning not even one for me.The plain cotton (no motifs)are just beautiful to be embroidered whether beads or thread embroidery.I am really crazy over cotton clothes or dress as it is cool in our humid hot climate. They bought from me,asked others to sew, then it came back to me for embroidery.This means another business starts!And lastly, we realized that we actually entered a wrong shop, not Comel careless we were.We had a good laugh.

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