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Monday, April 30, 2012


The next day after going to Cottage Patch Shop, I went to handicraft shop in Malacca. It is in Jalan Bunga Raya off Jalan Bendahara. I bought crochet yarns and other items.Also I am happy as I could get bag handles at that shop.I will use it when I make bags( I have been looking for the handles for quite sometime).Actually, it is quite difficult to find in my area..At the opposite shop I got some beads and sequins too.It is reasonably cheap.Do you know why I was so engrossed buying all the handicraft items? Shhh.. so early to tell..


On last Friday 27 April,2012.. I went to buy my sewing accessories at Jalan Kenanga..Kuala Lumpur..the price is quite reasonable.After that I went to Cottage Patch at Ampang .I like the front decoration in the mirror desplaying the patchwork and quilting items..Soooo beautiful! it actually boosted my spirit to do it. On entering the! again how I like the place and fall in love with everything inside...applique, quilting, patchwork, imported cotton materials, sewing accessories, threads,batting and so on. I felt so relax to be amongst the quilted cushions, doilies, handmade patchwork bags etc.As usual I intend to do everything..ha nice. I wonder how Alice (the owner) can do all that..she is also friendly! I bought a few items too including books.

New embroidery machine

Yesterday 30th April, i was waiting for Zila to come and send a new Brother Embroidery machine...but..Alas..I was frustrated.. no more I have to order. I am so excited to learn machine embroidery as well besides my handmade embroidery..always no harm to learn new things..right?By using the machine we can do many creative embroideries for towels, pillows, cushions etc. In fact, it is computerised so we can just use the free patterns given easily..( of course I need to upgrade my knowledge in using computer to sew..he he I wonder how!). But thanks to Zila for her willingness to teach and coach me until I can manage it myself..wait for my next project yee..

Monday, April 9, 2012


One of my favourite activities is to attend a course (not on Methodology or Phonetics and Phonology or IT,please!)..but on sewing curtains, quilting class (..but not knitting or tatting!). I hope to attend Zila's Quilt class soon in coming May. How wonderful to meet dear crafter's friends as we can exchange ideas. I am planning to go to Cottage Patch in Ampang and also Quilt Centre in Bangsar Village.I must be mad at the beautiful creations.

how nice life is

So long I have not update my blog..always busy with everything.As usual , I cut the pieces of cloth to make quilts(a box of them), I kept on sewing beads embroidery and handmade thread embroidery for my friends,  I also do crochet (bags with no handle yet,handphone cases without any embellishment..yet to be done..), I sew embroideries (shadow embroidery) on 'tudung' or head cover, I keep on buying cotton cloth (only planning to sew bags!),I ordered my favourite craft books, I browse other people's blog on crafting, sometimes with fb..oh! how nice life is..God is Great