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Monday, November 25, 2013


While waiting for my son to see the dentist (happen to be her sister)this morning, I went into the nearby shop, Elyza's shop. At the first impression, I like the setting very much..more of country look, full of flowery items such as the tablecloth,cushions,curtains,patchwork blankets and so forth.I love the basket made of rattan which had been decorated with lace and cotton lining.I thought of buying for my crochet basket ( I remembered the incident where I saw a lady doing her crochet or knitting on the train in Germany, and I like her basket very much!).Alas..I got not enough money (just don't want to ask from hubby)as the price is too beautiful. At least I got the idea to decorate my shop too, Galeri Manik.Also I should show my embroidery items or beads embroidery to the shop owner so that we have a link in business (o.k it is only in my mind).

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