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Friday, October 25, 2013


Yesterday I went to my daughter's house.Just lazy to drive, my hubby bought bus tickets for four of us.The journey took about five hours. So, what should I do on the bus? Just sleep and see the scenery? How unproductive I am! Before I boarded the bus,I quickly sneaked away to a shop selling crochet yarns and hook.Yes, I have to do something.I started crochetting a handphone case.I combined two colours of cream and maroon. I hope it would turn out nice.I think I have given all my dear friends a tip how to fulfill time beneficially rather than sleep or staring blankly doing nothing.At least you can sell it or make it as a birthday gift and for sure you can make her/him happy thus at the same time tighten the relationship. Moral of the story is do not ever waste your time as TIME IS GOLD.

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