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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Last week on 14 November 2014 was my birthday..he he my 56th...also my special day of retirement. Many people asked me, why should I retire so early and do not wait for 60. I think I have my own reason. I want to retire while I am still healthy and I have so many plans to do, so many activities to be involved in. Before this, every morning I was always rushing out to work, only at 3 o'clock I was home..quite tiring..cook.Mind you, I never sleep during the day no matter how tired I am. Often took lunch at 4 or 5. Now, I have my Gala time with my everything, sit down at breakfast table chatting with hubby..then continue with my hobby of sewing both beads embroidery , thread embroidery and others. Also not forgetting, I would be reading my favourite magazine or books on motivation or business..also my flowers in the garden needs care too.My long abandoned orchids need my love. Sometimes I used to crochet..ahh so many things to do. Some people said you will be bored to death if you retire so soon.. I think NOT me!Think positive as life is so short and therefore, you should utilize your day well.Just sharing..

Monday, November 17, 2014

It has been qiute sometime that I did not update my everybody knows that it was so hectic with everything. My latest activity, my daughter and I took part in a two days booth at Kelantan Trade Centre. We did have a great experience taking part in selling session. There I could study people's behaviour in shopping. Just beside our booth, they sold very cheap tudung and it attracted many youngsters to buy. Meaning to say that we must look at our target group in order to sell anything. We sold Tudung mostly of Butterfly Tudung (in fashion now!), beads, lace,hijab pins,and other items. We could get not so encouraging sale but we were so happy especially the MIDNIGHT SALE!In fact we become friends with the other vendors. It is held for online and offline vendors..and of course the vendors were mostly ladies. Salute to our ladies who are very enterprising indeed.We will certainly try again next time.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


After Raya, I was still very busy finishing the clients'(my friends actually)handmade embroidery on Kurung. They said they wanted to be different from others though there are many imported embroidery materials from Vietnam and Indonesia..My friend, Norlina, from Perlis also promoted to her friends in her school by wearing it.How easy to have a free promotion!Then six of them posted their dress/kurung to me to sew..what a REZKI. So now another trend of Tudung where they put crystal border at the corner and a little Bling bling (hanging).I combined the crystals with matching colourful pearl beads to create variety.Sometimes I thought of going to Tudung Gallery or Boutique to sew embroidery as to broaden my business..this is only in my mind..later maybe I would do that..always do not be afraid to try or take the chance..

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Our yearly Muslim festival called Hari Raya Aidil Fitri will come soon next weeek on Monday. Of course all of us in Malaysia especially the Muslims have performed their fasting for the whole month of Ramadhan according to Muslim calendar. People start to prepare the celebration with new clothes especially young ladies or boys and girls.The tailors are all busy with their sewing activities including me. one week to the big day, I went to take the sewn dress from the tailor and she said she has 80 more unsewn materials..oh! to sew faster..and I also face the same problem of phobia if I will not able to finish my clients' embroidery..what will they say! I hope I can finish soon..or at least those who send two can get one to wear on that special Raya. They wat to show their uniqueness in dressing..this year the ladies more prefer the handmade thread embroidery..I hope they will look different than others..and those who like to wear according to colour theme in the family may do for our family the plan to wear the same colour will often be a failure as my husband will be reluctant to wear the same colour as the rest of the hu hu..spoil the broth

Monday, July 7, 2014

Shopping at K.T.C

Last weekend my daughter and I went to Kelantan Trade Center (K.T.C)to see if there were something special to buy. The sale was specially held by the Online Vendors from Kelantan. Wah! I really admire the Kelantan ladies who are indeed very industrious in business. There were many types of stalls like selling Tudung,dresses, blouses and also skincare and make-up stalls. Not only that, the saleswomen were also very beautiful and friendly too. My daughters' friends also set a stall selling Tudung and she said the selling for the day was fantastic as there were so many ladies came to shop for Hari Raya . There were so many choices with unique colour too bought 3 Tudungs..2 Bawal and 1 Borgitta brand. One day I will also join them to sell handmade embroidery items as there was not even one stall which sell such thing..I think there are still many women who like embroidery and also beads embroidery..wait one day..

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


When we see embroidery items, we sometimes think twice whether to buy or not to just look at the handmade embroidery on the table-runner below,,aren't they beautiful for our home decoration?. Yes..I only take pictures/photos but not buying it firstly due to the expensive price..just look at it and start to imagine that I can do it myself! I can look at the design and start doing it soon..

HUNGARIAN HANDMADE EMBROIDERY - really beautiful but quite expensive