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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Expensive for satisfaction

Last week I went for a holiday trip with Honey Vacation package to Turkey.Of course it was certainly an enjoyable and very informative by visiting the famous ancient places.. The Troy and 2 more historical building is great to see such places since Alexander The Great era. Ok as my interest is in embroidery..I went to the Grand Bazaar in it fascinates me with all the handmade embroidery items such as tablecloth, table runner, cushion cover etc. So I bought a handmade embroidered table runner and a pair of cushion cover. The price is quite expensive but I still have to buy it..I am sure I could not sleep or felt miserable for not buying..expensive but satisfaction is the most important. I understand why it is expensive as I am also involved in doing handmade sewing embroidery..that is why the buyer should understand why the price is high for needs patience !

Monday, March 16, 2015


Just in the mood of gardening, I again began to repot my orchids, plant roses and happy to see them blooming..after gardening, I took my sewing kits and ready to continue my embroidery activity.. It seemed easy as I just bought 3 new books from Kinokuniya last two weeks. I went to the Japanese book section and I was so engrossed at the corner choosing the most interesting three..only three books as the price is really high..only 3 books cost around rm300. I chose 4 books at last ..two embroidery books, one crochet book and finally a new kind of patchwork sewing 3D flowers. Anyway it is really unique and I hope I can try to do it soon..I think it is worth buying though it is quite costy..maybe for some people they said it is better to buy clothes, shoes or handbags..but for me books mean everything..after that I was so satisfied that I ended up buying nothing for me except for the books. I will keep on adding embroidery and sewing books collection. Last January I have bought a sewing book too at the Big Bad Wolf sale at The Mines..books means satisfaction.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Potholders and aprons

My second project after hibernating for so long is to make very simple aprons and potholders as I believe both are very important to us which we use everyday..I googled for some unique patterns..yes.. I found some beautiful patterns..thanks to our modern technology..when I told my friend that I am going to do aprons she ordered two already..ha..ha selling aprons and pot holders..easy money instead.You can put ribbons, button or laces to make them sweet.So happy sewing potholders and aprons and give your mum or friends as a birthday gift..I am pretty sure they will remember you everyday as they use it often right.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

These few days i began to start my project of mending and altering..first, i started by altering my kurung which is a bit smaller..not sure whether the material is shrinking or my weight is increasing..yes, the sewing machine which i have abandoned for so long,i started to use it again..of course i am so happy as i can wear my kurung comfortably as i mend it bigger.On the next day, my daughter began to open her wardrobe and asked me to alter her blouses too, to make darts,to make the blouse

Sunday, December 21, 2014


It has been so long that I am honeymooning after my retirement..not even put my hand on this screen to type something on my blog..yes..before this I said I intend to do so many things regarding my hobbies such as sewing, embroidery, patchwork, quilting, crochetting,drawing and so forth. So many things that I hope to do but not all can be done yet. Ok slowly one by one. I have started going to nursery to buy orchids (but quite sad as one of the plant leaves has turned black..hopefully not to die so soon.).I also bought roses and they seem ok and blossom nicely.What I am going to do next? I have to take my crochet, an unfinished sweater need to be continued.Also my long left novel by Daniel Steel need to be completed too ( I last read it during my journey from Johore Bharu).I will do all the things that I love to do soon..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Last week on 14 November 2014 was my birthday..he he my 56th...also my special day of retirement. Many people asked me, why should I retire so early and do not wait for 60. I think I have my own reason. I want to retire while I am still healthy and I have so many plans to do, so many activities to be involved in. Before this, every morning I was always rushing out to work, only at 3 o'clock I was home..quite tiring..cook.Mind you, I never sleep during the day no matter how tired I am. Often took lunch at 4 or 5. Now, I have my Gala time with my everything, sit down at breakfast table chatting with hubby..then continue with my hobby of sewing both beads embroidery , thread embroidery and others. Also not forgetting, I would be reading my favourite magazine or books on motivation or business..also my flowers in the garden needs care too.My long abandoned orchids need my love. Sometimes I used to crochet..ahh so many things to do. Some people said you will be bored to death if you retire so soon.. I think NOT me!Think positive as life is so short and therefore, you should utilize your day well.Just sharing..

Monday, November 17, 2014

It has been quite sometime that I did not update my everybody knows that it was so hectic with everything. My latest activity, my daughter and I took part in a two days booth at Kelantan Trade Centre. We did have a great experience taking part in selling session. There I could study people's behaviour in shopping. Just beside our booth, they sold very cheap tudung and it attracted many youngsters to buy. Meaning to say that we must look at our target group in order to sell anything. We sold Tudung mostly of Butterfly Tudung (in fashion now!), beads, lace,hijab pins,and other items. We could get not so encouraging sale but we were so happy especially the MIDNIGHT SALE!In fact we become friends with the other vendors. It is held for online and offline vendors..and of course the vendors were mostly ladies. Salute to our ladies who are very enterprising indeed.We will certainly try again next time.