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Sunday, December 29, 2013


When we go anywhere, it is quite difficult to find things that we really want. Last week,we went shopping at the market in Bangkok and at the night market in Chiengmai and Chieng Rai. I actually want to buy the sewing accessories,threads, yarns or other things related to embroidery.But it was quite frustrated because I could not spot any of those items..maybe the place was too big or located at the other end of the place..also,the participants were from different interest..I love sewing items but our friends like bags, clothes,shoes and other unique handicrafts.I imagined that one day I would go with my common interest friends and we can focus on the things that we love doing...sewing kits, embroideries, crochet, cotton cloth etc. I did only once came across a shop selling cotton material with so many choices but alas.. they were all rushing to visit the Umbrella Making time to buy! so Zila jom!

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