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Saturday, June 30, 2012

MY New Collections

 My new collections of fancy buttons, beads and crochet yarns.I put the buttons on my felt projects as well as bags, pen-drive case, handphone case and so forth. I bought a big packet of beads and repacked into smaller packets...what am I going to do? I would sell them!! A new business woman eh ? Why not! For the yarns, I ordered from Lollachoco and also brought back from Republic Czech by Gudi..thank you..but now I dare not use it as I love it so much..adore the yarns..ha ha


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Last Saturday , I got my new 'Brother' machine (Brother is the brand o.k? not my brother!). Zila came all the way from KL to send the sewing machine, and thank you for teaching me to run it. It is so interesting to learn machine easy and beautiful..all computerised. I learnt for about two and a half hours..just enough to know the basic of using it. I managed to finish three patterns..thanks Zila for coaching me. I hope I can proceed with other projects soon. I bought the machine as it is TOO CHEAP NOT TO BUY..the offer price is fifty percent discount!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Last Wednesday, my daughter just came back from overseas (study)..and she bought me some balls of beautiful colourful first, I thought of selling to my friends..on my second! all of them are so adorable that I dare not sell.Before that, last week,  I went to one of the shops there..I asked the price of one of the imported yarns..hah! RM50 per ball! is so expensive! My daughter said she bought it only  for about RM5 and RM10  per ball.

Friday, June 1, 2012


As usual I am so happy to recieve a parcel from Sohana Sohair, Kyoto, Japan. It contains a book entitled ' Bags In Bloom' that I have ordered from MyBotang Blog. How nice it is! They have been so creative to sew beads and handmade embroidery on handmade bags made from cotton material. The designs are created according to seasons of spring, summer,autumn and winter. Of course, one fine day I will definitely try to do it..he he