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Sunday, December 21, 2014


It has been so long that I am honeymooning after my retirement..not even put my hand on this screen to type something on my blog..yes..before this I said I intend to do so many things regarding my hobbies such as sewing, embroidery, patchwork, quilting, crochetting,drawing and so forth. So many things that I hope to do but not all can be done yet. Ok slowly one by one. I have started going to nursery to buy orchids (but quite sad as one of the plant leaves has turned black..hopefully not to die so soon.).I also bought roses and they seem ok and blossom nicely.What I am going to do next? I have to take my crochet, an unfinished sweater need to be continued.Also my long left novel by Daniel Steel need to be completed too ( I last read it during my journey from Johore Bharu).I will do all the things that I love to do soon..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Last week on 14 November 2014 was my birthday..he he my 56th...also my special day of retirement. Many people asked me, why should I retire so early and do not wait for 60. I think I have my own reason. I want to retire while I am still healthy and I have so many plans to do, so many activities to be involved in. Before this, every morning I was always rushing out to work, only at 3 o'clock I was home..quite tiring..cook.Mind you, I never sleep during the day no matter how tired I am. Often took lunch at 4 or 5. Now, I have my Gala time with my everything, sit down at breakfast table chatting with hubby..then continue with my hobby of sewing both beads embroidery , thread embroidery and others. Also not forgetting, I would be reading my favourite magazine or books on motivation or business..also my flowers in the garden needs care too.My long abandoned orchids need my love. Sometimes I used to crochet..ahh so many things to do. Some people said you will be bored to death if you retire so soon.. I think NOT me!Think positive as life is so short and therefore, you should utilize your day well.Just sharing..

Monday, November 17, 2014

It has been quite sometime that I did not update my everybody knows that it was so hectic with everything. My latest activity, my daughter and I took part in a two days booth at Kelantan Trade Centre. We did have a great experience taking part in selling session. There I could study people's behaviour in shopping. Just beside our booth, they sold very cheap tudung and it attracted many youngsters to buy. Meaning to say that we must look at our target group in order to sell anything. We sold Tudung mostly of Butterfly Tudung (in fashion now!), beads, lace,hijab pins,and other items. We could get not so encouraging sale but we were so happy especially the MIDNIGHT SALE!In fact we become friends with the other vendors. It is held for online and offline vendors..and of course the vendors were mostly ladies. Salute to our ladies who are very enterprising indeed.We will certainly try again next time.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


After Raya, I was still very busy finishing the clients'(my friends actually)handmade embroidery on Kurung. They said they wanted to be different from others though there are many imported embroidery materials from Vietnam and Indonesia..My friend, Norlina, from Perlis also promoted to her friends in her school by wearing it.How easy to have a free promotion!Then six of them posted their dress/kurung to me to sew..what a REZKI. So now another trend of Tudung where they put crystal border at the corner and a little Bling bling (hanging).I combined the crystals with matching colourful pearl beads to create variety.Sometimes I thought of going to Tudung Gallery or Boutique to sew embroidery as to broaden my business..this is only in my mind..later maybe I would do that..always do not be afraid to try or take the chance..

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Our yearly Muslim festival called Hari Raya Aidil Fitri will come soon next weeek on Monday. Of course all of us in Malaysia especially the Muslims have performed their fasting for the whole month of Ramadhan according to Muslim calendar. People start to prepare the celebration with new clothes especially young ladies or boys and girls.The tailors are all busy with their sewing activities including me. one week to the big day, I went to take the sewn dress from the tailor and she said she has 80 more unsewn materials..oh! to sew faster..and I also face the same problem of phobia if I will not able to finish my clients' embroidery..what will they say! I hope I can finish soon..or at least those who send two can get one to wear on that special Raya. They wat to show their uniqueness in dressing..this year the ladies more prefer the handmade thread embroidery..I hope they will look different than others..and those who like to wear according to colour theme in the family may do for our family the plan to wear the same colour will often be a failure as my husband will be reluctant to wear the same colour as the rest of the hu hu..spoil the broth

Monday, July 7, 2014

Shopping at K.T.C

Last weekend my daughter and I went to Kelantan Trade Center (K.T.C)to see if there were something special to buy. The sale was specially held by the Online Vendors from Kelantan. Wah! I really admire the Kelantan ladies who are indeed very industrious in business. There were many types of stalls like selling Tudung,dresses, blouses and also skincare and make-up stalls. Not only that, the saleswomen were also very beautiful and friendly too. My daughters' friends also set a stall selling Tudung and she said the selling for the day was fantastic as there were so many ladies came to shop for Hari Raya . There were so many choices with unique colour too bought 3 Tudungs..2 Bawal and 1 Borgitta brand. One day I will also join them to sell handmade embroidery items as there was not even one stall which sell such thing..I think there are still many women who like embroidery and also beads embroidery..wait one day..

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


When we see embroidery items, we sometimes think twice whether to buy or not to just look at the handmade embroidery on the table-runner below,,aren't they beautiful for our home decoration?. Yes..I only take pictures/photos but not buying it firstly due to the expensive price..just look at it and start to imagine that I can do it myself! I can look at the design and start doing it soon..

HUNGARIAN HANDMADE EMBROIDERY - really beautiful but quite expensive

Sunday, June 1, 2014


If you have extra lace that you made your dress, do not ever throw it away. You can trim the flowers neatly and put as a finishint to your new dress and you can embellish with some pearl beads plus sequins..I am pretty sure you will be wonderful and do not forget to match it with stunning colours..if you like to use colour block scheme,it is beautiful or you can also be simple and sweet if you use pastel colour or the same colour lace but on lighter or darker tone. Do not use the same colour or else you will waste your sewing time that it cannot even be seen.You can use silver lace or golden on black dress!Now you can enter the ceremony hall conspicuously..You just try my suggestion.. and do not forget to put iron-on crystal or white beads along the edges.You will never know if you never try!Another tip is you can put your waste lace on your plain coloured cushions..yes suddenly you can get nice cushions for your raya or just to renew your old one..ha ha you will be surprised with the result too..happy sewing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


yes...handmade products are quite time consuming to make..but I don't understand why people like to order or ask us to sew embroidery near to festive seasons. Actually,it does take a long time for example to sew even one petal of flower may take one hour.It may look simple but need special time and focus. Some of the clients said "..just make a simple one!" but it still takes a day to complete. For beads embroidery, we need to pick one by one..yes no doubt this easily makes people bored if they do not have the love and passion. This is why they should understand that handmade items are expensive as it involves 'eyes insurance' as those who have eyesight problem will definitely not eligible.It seems lucky for me as God still bless me with good eyesight without glasses yet (55 years old). My father still have not wear any glasses at the age of 80!Thank God.

Friday, May 16, 2014


So long I have not update my blog and quite frustrated due to virus ( I think so).Whenever I opened my blog, it straight away change to other person's I just unable to write anything..when my daughter came bact , I pointed out the problem. She tried to remove the backlink that I made on my wall..fuhh..what a success! again I am able to continue my blogging activities. Rigt now, I just concentrated on my clients' embroidery both beads and thread . Some of them want it fast, how can we made hand embroidery faster? Be patient!..the customer should be patient and I also have to be patient too. ok bye .

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Last weekend, we went to Johore Bharu for a package trip by train. It was such a sweet vacation. On the first day, we went to visit the old mosque in Johore Bharu facing the Tebrau Straits and Singapore.Then we went to Danga Bay (sorry! under construction). Then we spent the evening strolling at Angsana Shopping Mall.I bought a purplr embroidered 'telekung' as I accidentally left mine at the train hu how forgetful I am (I know another symtom of aging!). On the second day,we visited Legoland Theme Park..It was interesting as I also joined to ride the boat up the 'Niagara Falls'. As usual my hubby underestimated me by saying that I would be fainted by the time I reached the ending of the river..but I just stayed cool! We saw 4D movie, it was intersting too. Next, we went shopping at Johore Premium was quite frustrated as time was so limited..I managed to get a pair of Hush Puppies shoes..with reasonable price and comfortable too..lucky for my pocket if I happened to stay longer, I would surely hooked on the handbag...Michael Khorrs or Salvatore Ferragamo.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Last few days. a boy came to my shop to buy felt.It was a surprise for me as before this there is no male customer yet..yes are so special because boys usually never like to be involved in sewing or doing craft...opps sorry for my hasty generalization. Not all but of rare case. He seemed to be sewing himself and sell online. He made wonderful keychains from felt and of course he had been so creative..good mummy's boy..and at first, I did not know that I know his mother until my daughter told me so.Anyhow I am so proud of you for your great effort to sell and indulged in business..get your own money..rather than boys nowadays like to hangout doing nothing or just waste their time with modern gadjet or 'brooming' their motors! Conratulation boy,you can come to my shop and I can teach you crochet or beads embroidery.In fact we can join venture in business.Also ashame on some girls who do not even know how to sew a button!

Monday, March 24, 2014


Last Saturday, I had recieved the Amure Clover Crochet hooks set ordered from Kyoto, Japan. She is my FB friend who is staying there.I am so happy as it is really beautiful, colourful and very comfortable to use.I am sure those crocheters out there will like it too.The price is quite 'nice' too! Anyway, not the price that matter but the satisfaction of buying something useful for myself. Indeed, we feel stress free.I have continued my unfimished projects and soon I can wear it.After this, I am going to order another crochet book.So I am the one who never like to just doing nothing..I will always occupy my time by sewing, crocheting, doing thread embroidery or beads embroidery.I am not sure whether all people are like me..some of them said" I am not interested', 'it is difficult', 'I only like to buy'..I hope it is not YOU.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Last Friday 14th March, again I went to 'Tudung' sewing class.Three of us learnt to sew 'tudung' while one young lady prefered to sew 'kurung'(our Malay traditional costume).We sew two layered type with little gathers and a brooch in front. It was actually fun to meet another new lady who is working at a public was quite late to finish as my machine did not perform well. I was really mad at the broken needles (three times hu hu!), also the jumping stitches and the broken thread!Then another bad experience for the day as it was very heavy, the machine fell down from the hands! With all the very valid reason,I promise to myself I need to return the machine to the dealer and exchange to a new one.Today,I went to the shop and get a new BROTHER brand sewing machine.At first , I thought of buying the high speed JUKI brand but knowing me, I was phobia with the too fast speed as it is quite difficult to control the suppose to be straight sewing line..while I ended with crooked piece. Oh no! finally I found a reasonable one cost RM800. It was not so heavy as the first. OK at least I am very happy to give myself a present.Don't you want to pamper yourself too?

Friday, March 7, 2014


Today 7th March, my friend Robiah and I went to learn to sew headcover or 'tudung' at Wakaf Che Yeh (about an hour journey from our hometown).Our hubby also followed ud but they were free to go anywhere while waiting for us to complete our course.This time I chose to sew a tudung with a ring in front to tie the ribbon in front. It took about 4 hours to finish. We started by drawing the pattern followed by cutting the material and lastly sew it. The most difficult part was to sew the awning.Goshh! I was so terrified by the Juki Industry sewing machine as it was so fast and needed my every confidence to use it. So I opted to bring my own portable sewing machine(one of my collections too).I chose the light brown material combined with brownish yellow to make the layers.So I felt so satisfied that I could make my own tudung with my own choice of colours as I prefered the soft pastel colours than the fierce colour- blocking.I have my self satisfaction to sew my own tudung.Next week, I will ask more friends to join me to attend the class..nothing harm to learn new things and also to get more new friends. Last time I got to know a businesswoman named Meg Nah and also a young lady named Shikin( still young like my daughter).I instead encouraged her to be involved in sewing world and also to pursue business in selling tudung!and now they become my FB friend too.They also believed in self satisfaction in sewing.happy sewing to the sewing lovers.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Yesterday,I went to Nagoya Textile Shop to buy some cotton materials to make blouses. I do not know why suddenly comes the idea to make blouses...earlier, I have drawn various patterns of long blouses (knee length)that are suitable to be worn with long pants or long skirt.I make it baggy look or loose for comfort. I hope I have the clients to buy such blouses. I choose cotton as it is cooling for our hot humid climate. I actually got the idea when I saw some wonderful patterns in the COTTON FRIENDS magazine.In fact , I can also sew embroideries on the white cotton blouse. It is also suitable for those who want to go to Mecca to perform Umrah or Haj(pilgrimage for Muslims).I choose the plain as well as the small blue pink flowers like country look.I contacted my new friend to contact her tailor to sew it..surely I will use the lace too to add more Ummpphh!. Just to share ideas friend.Wish you happy sewing too.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


As you know I am crazy over all things regarding sewing, embroidery and also crochet. I was really mad on seeing the Amure brand crochet hooks. The set is so beautiful that I contacted my FB friend from Kyoto, Japan to buy and post it to me. It is colourful with different sizes. I just cannot wait for the arrival, for a postman to come and bring the nice to open something that we ordered from far.I have seen the price of the same item here is quite expensive.Dear my friend Sohana, sorry for troubling you to go and buy is alright, I suppose you also like to do such work as I know you are also crafters and understand me too.Hopefully, I can get it soon..satisfaction of buying things to be given to you by you.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Tomorrow will be Friday.So I take a chance to go to Wakaf Che Yeh, Kota Bharu to attend a Tudung Class (how to make headcover for Muslim ladies). I got her advertisement in her FB and so I booked a place. Last two years, I have joined Zila's Class but I never sew even one Tudung so almost I need to go for another refresher course besides meeting new friends with the same interest, right? I am sure we will enjoy ourselves at Mary Kay Zurra shop with all the ladies laughter and finish three Tudung within one day.I have not yet buy the material for it. Tomorrow morning I will buy at Saleem Aziz shop. I would like to choose soft colour material.I always like to learn and would never stop learning, just to rejuvenate my spirit..who knows one day I can become Tudung harm dreaming yeah..

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I still remember when I made a smocking maternity dress for me years years ago.I think it was unique and something different from others. Besides, I also sew a smocking gown and I gave as a present to my neighbour. Now, I am thinking of doing it again where I can sew wonderful colourful embroidery on it..first we have to be very patient to sew gathers on the checked cotton cloth. After we have finished with the gathers,sew handmade embroidery on it.Nowadays, we rarely see small tots wearing smocking gown! Why? This maybe due to the expensive price or no more sewers who are willing to make such creative things and even some young mothers never heard of smocking gowns. I still remember my friend Najibah who loves to make smocking gown to her daughters as well as her grand-daughters.So cute! So come on mothers, you can do wonders by sewing your old books and start doing it today..happy smocking not smoking!

Monday, January 27, 2014


While browsing a blog about craft, I suddenly came across a title making keychain using embroidery. Oh I never thought of that.. yes, it is quite interesting to see the great idea.So far I was quite rigid to doing embroidery on clothes, cushions, tablecloths and others..but not yet to make keychains.After this I am going to make it. The blog also mentioned about making it a business..quite simple yet very enterprising.I think my dear friends also can take the idea.Just sew small embroidery of flowers or cartoon and also can put their names.I thinl it will turn out fine..nice to share ideas with you too..

Monday, January 20, 2014

Malacca again

Last weekend 17 - 19 January, I went for a meeting at Hang Tuah Heritage Hotel.On the first night we took a boat trip or river cruise along the river.I really like the night scenery and love the cultural heritage shown naturally along the bank such as the old village traditional house, the grafitti drawing,classic buildings and the friendly people waving at us.On the following evening, I went to the market infront of the Taming Sari Tower and I bought some traditional 'dodol', 'wajik' and nut biscuit..all are very nice! (maybe all old folks like me love the traditional style things including food).It is not me type not to go to bookshops. I scrambled to MPH and Popular Bookstore nearby..sure enought I bought some motivational books on business management and not to forget my favourite books on Handmade Bags and Hand Embroidery...How happy I am to purchase such books on sewing or crafts.The(re is also a book on Crochet baby garments, booties and caps, hats etc.Hopefully I can start doing it soon (remember, I haven't finish doing my cardigan!). This year, I want to teach my students to do craft items, maybe they will grow up one day and can benefit them whether to start their own business or for their own use..Actually, I thought of going to the famous Jonker Street to buy Embroidered Nyonya Kebaya to be framed and put in my Galeri Manik..and also the Beads Slipper..alas I was quite frustrated as time did nor permit me to go..we only have 3 time to go to Dataran Pahlawan to buy the rattan basket too (also in my collection). Befoe going back to the hotel, I quickly get into Japan shop named Daiso..again so many bautiful things to finish your money.Thanks to the NO TIME and I ending up buying nothing as I was looking for crochet exact size that I want.