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Friday, February 17, 2012


Another hobby of mine, collecting various types and patterns of rare cotton fabrics. Last month, I ordered Yarn Dyed materials from Maymay Shop (Online). Yesterday, I just recieved another new cotton fabric with "vehicle design". It's adorable!I know, other crafters also have the same hobby as mine. I know Zila would, MyBotang (Sue) would and Fabric Fanatics(Kelly Khoo) would and in fact many others.On the plain fabric,, I can sew embroidery designs as I have a stack of books on handmade embroidery..

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I just tried my new Olfa Rotary Cutter..How EASY and FAST to cut fabric using that thing! I bought from it. I started to cut cotton material to make quilts (hopefully I can start sewing soon).Now, I have a box of square pattern. I do not know yet whether to make blanket, bedsheet, tablecloth, pillow, bags, pencil case, key chain (he..he.. see my project has become smaller!).I love everything handmade. Those who like to do patchwork and quilt can use it as it is much easier than scissors. I think it is also ideal for tailors too to cut materials for making clothes.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Recently,I came across MyBotang Blog ,owned by a Malaysian who stays in Kyoto, Japan. She sells many Japanese craft books. I ordered 1 book on bag making and the other one on Crochet..I like to get it because it is easy to follow than English books..We can easily crochet according to the pattern or pictures given. For the bags pattern, it is not difficult as pattern were already given in the books.The price is reasonable too, inclusive of shipping. I can't wait to recieve the parcel.

Sewing Headcover or Tudung

During Zila's class, i learnt how to sew tudung or headcover with awning style.. it is interesting and easy to do it.Before this,it is so difficult to get tudung that suits our face or the length that we sewing on our own, we can choose suitable materials, colour, perfect shapes of awning. But another problem arise, i have no sewing machine to sew the edging or neatened the hem. So the question is, is it advisable or economical for me to buy the machine? Frankly, i am afraid to use it as it looks so sophisticated with many threads to use..wait and see.If i were to become a tudung dealer, it is worth buying.