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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Last month I attended a motivation Seminar by one of the famous Malaysian business tycoons, Dr Azizan Osman. His favourite quote is 'if you want to be excellent, you must always equipped yourself by must learn from a mentor in your field of interest'. I think I should go and see my mentor too to learn my beads embroidery (high level), handmade thread embroidery,quilting, patchwork, crochet and many others.S many things that I need to upskill. I know I have the basic knowledge but I think it is not enough, I want to make myself the MENTOR too. Be the best in everything you do. I need to see Zila Kassim to coach me in making handmade bags, learning how to sew machine embroidery(the last time I learned from her was last year,and I never open the machine until today!!).Maybe I have to go to learn advance bead embroidery from sifu Rozita Jaafar or go to Cottage Patch beside Ampang Point to master patchwork.Everything I want to do during this coming school holiday!Not only that but you have to buy many books to get more ideas for your projects.Let us improve ourselves as time waits for no one.

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