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Thursday, March 7, 2013

practice makes perfect

A few of my customers become my 'students' for thread hand embroidery and also beads embroidery class..On attending the class, they thought that it is easy to sew the embroidery..(of course it is not that difficult).on the first try of sewing..ha ha it is not as expected!To have the skill to hold the needle,thread and cloth..everything must be syncronized well..another thing is to make the embroidery beautiful,lively,beautiful choice of colours,the flow,the nice design and so on..again we must be patient to master the skill..try and error..if we are not satisfied, just unpick and do it again.When we look at people sewing, it seems as easy as ABC.I believe,it takes time to produce a nice piece of embroidery. That is why our old saying says ' practice makes perfect'..So my dear friens,happy sewing.

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