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Monday, November 25, 2013


While waiting for my son to see the dentist (happen to be her sister)this morning, I went into the nearby shop, Elyza's shop. At the first impression, I like the setting very much..more of country look, full of flowery items such as the tablecloth,cushions,curtains,patchwork blankets and so forth.I love the basket made of rattan which had been decorated with lace and cotton lining.I thought of buying for my crochet basket ( I remembered the incident where I saw a lady doing her crochet or knitting on the train in Germany, and I like her basket very much!).Alas..I got not enough money (just don't want to ask from hubby)as the price is too beautiful. At least I got the idea to decorate my shop too, Galeri Manik.Also I should show my embroidery items or beads embroidery to the shop owner so that we have a link in business (o.k it is only in my mind).

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wonderful Yarns arrived

Yesterday, I recieved my order,the wonderful beautiful yarns for my crochet.Lately, besides busy with beads embroidery and thread embroidery, my long almost forgotten passion of crochet comes back into my craft world again.I ordered 4 balls of colourful yarns and the hook(but the hook is quite big as I like to use smaller one).I started browsing my old (everything old eh!)crochet books. What should I do with it? I think I should make a cardigan for me (which I never ever finish one..I did start but seemed to end up hanging in the plastic bag!) This time I really determine to make one for me as I was so crazy with the yarns..nice, nice.I will start tomorrow.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Last few days, I ordered 4 yarns and 1 crochet hook online from Puan Aiza. The yarns were imported from Turkey. The yarns are so beautiful and colourful. As usual I think I will love it so much that I feel very 'difficult' or 'sayang' to use it..Just like one of my friends who always refuse to use it whenever she got new yarns. She put it on the table to be seen and adore it.Maybe,those who are not in our shoes will think it is quite funny,yet it is a reality.Now, I am waiting for the yarns to be delivered to my door.Hopefully, I can get it soon or tomorrow.While doing crochet, I still do not forget to do my thread and beads embroidery. I have to embroider 4 more dresses.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Last month, I went to Kuala Lumpur and I went to Melawati to buy Cotton cloth. Before that we searched in the internet for the Comel Cotton Shop. On reaching there, we quickly went into the shop and started choosing the beautiful pieces.I chose 10 pieces because I was afraid if I bought more then it might not be sold and just wasting money. Actually, I made a wrong decision because all were sold out like hot cakes. If only I knew, I would buy 100 pieces! That's why, we should not underestimate things or market. Maybe I belong to the not so ambitious lot. Next time, I should not be afraid to buy more.The designs were all nice and meaning not even one for me.The plain cotton (no motifs)are just beautiful to be embroidered whether beads or thread embroidery.I am really crazy over cotton clothes or dress as it is cool in our humid hot climate. They bought from me,asked others to sew, then it came back to me for embroidery.This means another business starts!And lastly, we realized that we actually entered a wrong shop, not Comel careless we were.We had a good laugh.

Friday, November 1, 2013


I just bought 12 empty T-shirts (meaning no-design ye!).I would like to sew handmade embroidery on them. I think they will look nice. Hopefully,all my dear blogger friends will have the idea to try it. Besides thread embroidery,you can also make unique beas embroidery on your kids shirt.Besides, you can make a difference using colurful felt with creative design.For girls,flower designs are their favourite and as for boys you can choose ball or car design. Surely, soon you will be chased after for the order.The unique embroidery on T-shirt must be something different.At least the idea is there but I still did not start ..wait for a fine holiday.I am sure you can start before I do.Just to share ideas.happy sewing.