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Monday, December 31, 2012


I bought quite a lot of flowery lace. It is very nice to be sewn on kurung by combining it with pearls or beads. It is something new and trendy nowadays. It comes in a wide range of colours and shapes.The price is quite expensive that is around rm25 upwards per metre depending on the size.Also it is a good news for those who don't like or 'alergic' to beads. It is very easy, you can use the short running stitch to sew it on your materials.And make sure you use the thread that is the same colour with the lace.When you wear it, I am sure your friend will say ' you look great today!'
Recently, I went tu KL and came across beautiful crystals from China, Of course without fail, I bought some and put it at my Galeri Manik. Some people bought it to be put on their tudung both as borders or as flowers.When I sew on one of my friends kurung, she told me many of her friends noticed and liked it.It did beautify your dress from the shining glittering crystals mixed with normal pearl beads and Japan beads. The price is just reasonable but it looks really elegant and costly.But yet, I do not have time to sew on my own kurung! CLIENTS first!

Monday, December 10, 2012


I call it my humble shop as it is not a big glamourous boutique with 'everything available'..just that I started my business from scratch so I have to study people's need or interest.First of all, I identify my own interest. Yes, when I read business motivational books, they said that we need to start with our I love everything about sewing such as embroidery and so on. So I decided to focus on beads embroidery and handmade thread embroidery. I started buying things to be sold related to sewing e.g beads and sewing accessories. I actually do not have the real statistic of those who have similar interest as me.Anyway, I have to be patient to succeed as Robert Kiyosaki said in his book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Sesiapa yang berminat untuk menempah menjahit manik , sulam tangan untuk baju kurung atau tudung, boleh membuat tempahan melalui Galeri Manik.Kalau dari jarak jauh, boleh pos baju, bila siap saya akan pos semula. Alamat terdapat dalam pages Galeri Manik. Sesiapa yang berminat untuk belajar juga boleh datang sendiri..semoga minat anda itu boleh dimanfaatkan untuk menjana pendapatan sendiri.

Galeri Manik/Beads Gallery

Here's my shop..I named it Galeri Manik. Maybe it is not really fit to call it gallery it is not well equipped with everything. I know, it will take quite sometime to collect the necessary items. Firstly, I need to identify my customers' need and interest..what do they want? I have to see their choice when they come to my shop or listen to their suggestions.It is not that easy to become a businesswomen! Anyway, my dear friend, you are always welcome and drop by whenever you are free or wish to...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Just to share with you friends about my beloved clients' behaviour when they come to my Beads Gallery or Galeri Manik..
- do you have smaller size beads?
- do you have bigger one?
- do you have shell-shaped beads?
- do you have darker colour?
(they asked these negative questions when they do not want to buy..I think so..and they just left !)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So long I have not update my busy with all kinds of work..fasting month, finishing the embroidery orders, hari raya festival, my daughters wedding, sewing her wedding veil and her wedding dress or kurung.. and at the same time opened my Beads Gallery or Galeri Manik..fuhh.!.yesss..all of you are welcome to my what-so-called shop. Just a simple set up for a start (with no business experience before)..Only I pray to God that may everything turn out right.Sometimes I managed to get a few customers and some other time..NOBODY came to my shop!!! sob! sob!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

MY New Collections

 My new collections of fancy buttons, beads and crochet yarns.I put the buttons on my felt projects as well as bags, pen-drive case, handphone case and so forth. I bought a big packet of beads and repacked into smaller packets...what am I going to do? I would sell them!! A new business woman eh ? Why not! For the yarns, I ordered from Lollachoco and also brought back from Republic Czech by Gudi..thank you..but now I dare not use it as I love it so much..adore the yarns..ha ha


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Last Saturday , I got my new 'Brother' machine (Brother is the brand o.k? not my brother!). Zila came all the way from KL to send the sewing machine, and thank you for teaching me to run it. It is so interesting to learn machine easy and beautiful..all computerised. I learnt for about two and a half hours..just enough to know the basic of using it. I managed to finish three patterns..thanks Zila for coaching me. I hope I can proceed with other projects soon. I bought the machine as it is TOO CHEAP NOT TO BUY..the offer price is fifty percent discount!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Last Wednesday, my daughter just came back from overseas (study)..and she bought me some balls of beautiful colourful first, I thought of selling to my friends..on my second! all of them are so adorable that I dare not sell.Before that, last week,  I went to one of the shops there..I asked the price of one of the imported yarns..hah! RM50 per ball! is so expensive! My daughter said she bought it only  for about RM5 and RM10  per ball.

Friday, June 1, 2012


As usual I am so happy to recieve a parcel from Sohana Sohair, Kyoto, Japan. It contains a book entitled ' Bags In Bloom' that I have ordered from MyBotang Blog. How nice it is! They have been so creative to sew beads and handmade embroidery on handmade bags made from cotton material. The designs are created according to seasons of spring, summer,autumn and winter. Of course, one fine day I will definitely try to do it..he he

Monday, April 30, 2012


The next day after going to Cottage Patch Shop, I went to handicraft shop in Malacca. It is in Jalan Bunga Raya off Jalan Bendahara. I bought crochet yarns and other items.Also I am happy as I could get bag handles at that shop.I will use it when I make bags( I have been looking for the handles for quite sometime).Actually, it is quite difficult to find in my area..At the opposite shop I got some beads and sequins too.It is reasonably cheap.Do you know why I was so engrossed buying all the handicraft items? Shhh.. so early to tell..


On last Friday 27 April,2012.. I went to buy my sewing accessories at Jalan Kenanga..Kuala Lumpur..the price is quite reasonable.After that I went to Cottage Patch at Ampang .I like the front decoration in the mirror desplaying the patchwork and quilting items..Soooo beautiful! it actually boosted my spirit to do it. On entering the! again how I like the place and fall in love with everything inside...applique, quilting, patchwork, imported cotton materials, sewing accessories, threads,batting and so on. I felt so relax to be amongst the quilted cushions, doilies, handmade patchwork bags etc.As usual I intend to do everything..ha nice. I wonder how Alice (the owner) can do all that..she is also friendly! I bought a few items too including books.

New embroidery machine

Yesterday 30th April, i was waiting for Zila to come and send a new Brother Embroidery machine...but..Alas..I was frustrated.. no more I have to order. I am so excited to learn machine embroidery as well besides my handmade embroidery..always no harm to learn new things..right?By using the machine we can do many creative embroideries for towels, pillows, cushions etc. In fact, it is computerised so we can just use the free patterns given easily..( of course I need to upgrade my knowledge in using computer to sew..he he I wonder how!). But thanks to Zila for her willingness to teach and coach me until I can manage it myself..wait for my next project yee..

Monday, April 9, 2012


One of my favourite activities is to attend a course (not on Methodology or Phonetics and Phonology or IT,please!)..but on sewing curtains, quilting class (..but not knitting or tatting!). I hope to attend Zila's Quilt class soon in coming May. How wonderful to meet dear crafter's friends as we can exchange ideas. I am planning to go to Cottage Patch in Ampang and also Quilt Centre in Bangsar Village.I must be mad at the beautiful creations.

how nice life is

So long I have not update my blog..always busy with everything.As usual , I cut the pieces of cloth to make quilts(a box of them), I kept on sewing beads embroidery and handmade thread embroidery for my friends,  I also do crochet (bags with no handle yet,handphone cases without any embellishment..yet to be done..), I sew embroideries (shadow embroidery) on 'tudung' or head cover, I keep on buying cotton cloth (only planning to sew bags!),I ordered my favourite craft books, I browse other people's blog on crafting, sometimes with fb..oh! how nice life is..God is Great

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Here are some of my handicraft books collection. They are ideal for my reference while doing my sewing projects.

Handmade thread embroidery

Handmade thread embroidery on the traditional costume 'Baju Kurung'

Friday, March 2, 2012


Yesterday, I went to Kuala Terengganu. Of course I did not forget to stop at a bookstore Seri Intan. I bought a cross-stitch magazine called Cross nice! I can sew wonderful patterns like vegetables like carrots,turnips,fruits, vintage style flowers. cooking utensils etc. It is suitable to sew on aprons,pot holders, towels,cushions etc. Right now, I am doing a scenery pattern of houses surrounding with trees on hills. I hope to finish it(to be framed) soon as I want to start with the vegetable patterns.Also,I can frame to decorate the kitchen.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Another hobby of mine, collecting various types and patterns of rare cotton fabrics. Last month, I ordered Yarn Dyed materials from Maymay Shop (Online). Yesterday, I just recieved another new cotton fabric with "vehicle design". It's adorable!I know, other crafters also have the same hobby as mine. I know Zila would, MyBotang (Sue) would and Fabric Fanatics(Kelly Khoo) would and in fact many others.On the plain fabric,, I can sew embroidery designs as I have a stack of books on handmade embroidery..

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I just tried my new Olfa Rotary Cutter..How EASY and FAST to cut fabric using that thing! I bought from it. I started to cut cotton material to make quilts (hopefully I can start sewing soon).Now, I have a box of square pattern. I do not know yet whether to make blanket, bedsheet, tablecloth, pillow, bags, pencil case, key chain (he..he.. see my project has become smaller!).I love everything handmade. Those who like to do patchwork and quilt can use it as it is much easier than scissors. I think it is also ideal for tailors too to cut materials for making clothes.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Recently,I came across MyBotang Blog ,owned by a Malaysian who stays in Kyoto, Japan. She sells many Japanese craft books. I ordered 1 book on bag making and the other one on Crochet..I like to get it because it is easy to follow than English books..We can easily crochet according to the pattern or pictures given. For the bags pattern, it is not difficult as pattern were already given in the books.The price is reasonable too, inclusive of shipping. I can't wait to recieve the parcel.

Sewing Headcover or Tudung

During Zila's class, i learnt how to sew tudung or headcover with awning style.. it is interesting and easy to do it.Before this,it is so difficult to get tudung that suits our face or the length that we sewing on our own, we can choose suitable materials, colour, perfect shapes of awning. But another problem arise, i have no sewing machine to sew the edging or neatened the hem. So the question is, is it advisable or economical for me to buy the machine? Frankly, i am afraid to use it as it looks so sophisticated with many threads to use..wait and see.If i were to become a tudung dealer, it is worth buying.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Great Time

We had a great time yesterday, attending a sewing class conducted by Zila Kasim . Ten of us participated and of course it is fun! a good combination of those who knew how to sew and the very beginners who used to scream at every phase..Jaja said 'ohh yeah!'
Piza with her cool way but never finished her bag!..suzanne was so allergic to sewing until she got headache and vomit on finishing her patchwork and quilt. Anna also got tense up.Ju was so patient to finish hers..Zainedah was frustrated that her sewing machine was down..she called the mechanic to repair.Anyhow we got a lot of knowledge and tips while finishing our projects..thank you Zila. I also bought Rotary Cutter, omnigrid ruler and cutting mat.Also not forgetting to buy Amy Buttler's designer cotton from her.I was so happy.Today, Piza, Che Nah and friends straight away went to buy sewing machine! Love at first sight. I kept on whispering to myself to be patient not to buy another new machine...

Monday, January 23, 2012


Tomorrow 24th of January,we (the sewing club)will enjoy ourselves at Suzanne's grandfather's house, for 'sewing spree'. We invited Zila from Kuala Lumpur to be our sewing coach. As planned we will start our projects at 9.00 am.We have our own choice to sew whether to make bags,pencil case,quilting and patchwork, and also sewing 'tudung' or headcover. Can you just imagine how it is going to be if 10 ladies meet with all the grandmother's stories or may be sharing our experience or exchanging craft ideas. I think it will be fun! Actually not all of them can sew but thanks they have the courage to learn something new. Those who never touch the sewing machine will definitely excited or shout at every step they proceed! Thank you friend for participating.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bag addict

Last month, as I have mentioned earlier that I attended Zila Kassim's BAG class.I have just finished sewing a handbag made from Japanese cotton material. For the inner part of the bag, I put iron-on interfacing to make the bag firm or stay in shape ( I am not sure of the exact word). Last week, I went to buy the interfacing at a shop selling sewing accessories..I bought 1 metre for the hard one and another 1 metre of the softer one.I started to cut the material and iron-on the interfacing.I make four patterns. I mixed and matched the plain material with flowery or polkadot. Actually, it is not easy to choose to make it look beautiful or outstanding.I just cut and cut but I do not know when to start sewing as I am so busy with other work.I had ordered Olfa Rotary Cutter, the ruler and the grid cutting mat.I asked her to bring during class at the end of the month.I just can't wait to use it as it is easier than using the scissors.