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Sunday, July 31, 2011


At the end of last year (2010), I went to Medina. One evening, we went to a shop near our hotel. All of a sudden, i was hooked to a beautiful black long dress or 'jubah ' with pink handmade embroidery..yes embroidery again, my passion.I felt that i want to buy it but i kept on thinking..should i buy it?..also it was quite expensive..actually, it is not expensive for such a nice piece of intricate work. you know, i ended up buying nothing! After that, until now i REGRET FOR NOT BUYING it. That is why people said ' better buy than you regret later'. anyhow please think wisely before you buy or may be you regret buying something..vice versa.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Recycling old clothes by beads embroidery

Dear friends,

In order to create beads embroidery, it needs patience and creativity as it will take a long time to complete. Now, clothings with beads embroidery is considered to be very fashionable which display uniqueness.

Yessss...shhh! you can recycle your old clothes by spicing it up with beads. I am sure it will certainly look better and now you have another 'new' outfit!

I tell you another SECRET, if you are already bored with that dress, you can recycle the BEADS.
You can unpick the beads. stones and crystals on your old clothes and sew another new patterns on your new clothes. Economical isn't it? We are good housewives! so congratulate ourselves for saving money. Beading is fun.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NEW! NEW! 3D or 3 dimensions beads embroidery

Last Saturday I went to Cinta Shop to buy beads at Kota Bharu. All of a sudden I saw a new book by my favourite author Puan Rosita Jaafar. I was so happy as I really want to learn the new type of sewing beads embroidery called 3D. The pictures included in the book are just so beautiful and realistic with its wonderful colour combination. Anyway,I haven't try sewing it yet..never mind,I am definitely going to sew it on one fine day..for the book, yes.. I get another collection.So, if I have done it,I promise to put the picture/photo here in my blog..wait!
Here, we use Peyote (pronounce pey-oh-tee)stitch where we have to weave the beads using needle and thread to form like a 'fabric".Peyote stitch is a specific bead weaving originated from America.Lastly, we creatively arrange the peyote petals of flowers and its foliage combined with crystals to our dresses.Can you imagine? The finishing is just like real flowers(have 3 dimensional pattern). That is why we call it 3D.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yesterday there was a girl knocking at the door. She offered me to teach variety of sewing like patchwork,quilting, beads embroidery,sewing clothes,cushion, duvet,curtains and bla.. bla... I was really overwhelmed! as all the offer was just perfect of my likings and hobbies. So I asked her to teach me to sew a tote bag. Oh! it seemed so easy, she came out with a cute small tote bag with some machine embroidery. I was stunned with her many skills in sewing. Actually , she came to demonstrate for her i hope i can register..but the price is not quite logical!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why do we know how to sew?

Guess why?the answer is we had fierce Domestic Science teachers.A beautiful named Mrs Fam Fook Choy or Molly.another teacher was Miss Tai Eng Ngor ( oh i still remember her mouth). we were so afraid of her that sometimes our friend,Khadijah,used to hide in the toilet and not enter her class!) ..But now i know,teacher,thank you for having so strict to us..if not,we would not be able to hold a needle or sew a button. Only now we know that you are good..hello teacher! are you still there somewhere in the globe?

are fantastic too!again welcome to my blog.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Girl's View

Here,I would like to give a little girl's view (my niece,Aina) of beads embroidery. Last festive season,i sewed beads on her dress and she was so happy telling everyone in the family and her friends.she told me that everybody adored her beautiful beaded dress.I just smiled.One day,she came to my house showing me another dress and grinned (toothless) " Auntie...I think this dress needs more beads!".. he..he..what a view! Anyway,i understand what she meant.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My daughter's Wedding dress

One disadvantage of knowing how to sew beads is that you want to sew it yourself. Same thing happens here. My daughter's wedding is coming soon somewhere in i said to her, let Mama sew the beads on the dress combined with pearl beads,sequins and crystals. She had sewn a long dress and i wish i could finish it by mid August.The problem is that whether to rent the dress from the wedding boutique or to sew it because if we rent we have to pay a lot of money and yet the dress belongs to them..but if we do it ourselves, the dress is ours. So,I choose the second choice but what am I going to do with it later on? sell? to be rented again? to wear?( no! no!). So as not to waste it I will put as an Exhibition in my boutique one day (as i said it is never wrong to dream , right?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Beads history

Seeds beads are very popular in beads embroidery
-round glass beads or doughnut shape, also known as rocailles
-made from glass about 5000 years ago
-first used by Egyptian
-further developed in usage to Venice, to Bohemia and later to other parts of Europe
-In 1549, a glass factory was set up in London
- Now, Japan is the biggest producer of beads
-Miyuki, is a popular name among beaders with its good quality
(TQ: info by Imass)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

beads and thread handmade embroidery

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on 3.7.2011, i organised beads class to my friends.Actually, about six or seven of them
registered but only 3 managed to come as the others were very busy doing other chores. i just followed the steps of sewing beads given by Puan Intan or Imass (i think she must be proud of me to be confident enough to teach).We started at about 9.00 am and finished at around 3.00 pm. they seemed to enjoy the class. Besides sharing knowledge of beading,we could also discuss many things. Luckily, all of them were very cooperative and easy to understand. we ended our session smoothly.I hope my students can do such activities
later on or can sell their products...anybody interested to have class just let me know

Friday, July 1, 2011

How to design motifs?

Many beginners of beads embroidery find it difficult to draw design on materials, especially those who are not gifted in drawing..don't worry, you can follow my tips :
- just take any flowery design from the materials, so you can trace using tracing paper onto your garments
-take ideas from magazines, you can take the design
 from the designer clothes
- if you want to draw, make it flow and not rigid or stiff by using the water erasable pen
-just buy thread embroidery books and copy the design
-you can also trace pictures of real flowers from books and don't forget to mix and match the designs
SO do not worry....practice makes perfect. happy beading!