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Saturday, September 25, 2010


client ni banyak ragam ada minat bunga kecil ada minat design bunga besar. ada suka manik saja ada suka sulam tangan saja ada suka combine manik n sulam benang..masing2 want to wear something different from  others. In fact banyak hal. ada yang suka warna paling dull dan ada suka warna opposite or striking colours..he he ada yang serah pada kita jahit laa asal cantik..ini yang paling kita suka senang berkira

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

shadow embroidery

Mula-mula beli tudung design baru sulam bayang di pasar siti khadijah di Kota Bharu. cantik juga.Suatu hari Wani bagi tahu ada kakak ipar dia hendak buat kursus jahit sulam bayang pada tudung so saya pun daftar. Cikgu Ani yang ajar so ada  beberapa helai buat untuk diri sendiri dan dapat kepuasan pakai hasil tangan sendiri.Entah sejarah sulam ini datang dari mana sebab masa saya pergi Vietnam bulan Jun lalu terdapat banyak tudung sulam bayang dijual. Saya rasa ia berasal dari Vietnam. OrangVietnam memang rajin buat craftwork hingga naik semangat saya untuk membuat sendiri berkobar-kobar..he he begitu ceritanya

Bag Craft

My interest in making tote bag and pouch bag began when my friend introduced me to Zila Kassim. On the last Hari Raya I went to see her at her house at Batu Balai,Machang. I was stunned by her craftwork in making bags..I think i can do i began to collect books and buy cotton cloth to start with. I went back and sew one tote bag. ooo not bad!a black polkadot tote. Thanks Zila

Monday, September 13, 2010

Make money from hobbies

First of all my sewing hobby started with sewing gowns for my little girls,sew my own dress and later i put on beads embroideries to decorate. Then my friends saw it and began to ask me to make on theirs.So their friends asked them so they keep on advertising the what so called product and the story went on outside our circle . I
keep on learning by buying DIY books from Japan..I follow the designs and most of the time reorganized or mix and match. I like to collect embroidery books as a guide.These embroideries are so beautiful and unique when you know how to choose the colours. I choose high quality beads imported from Japan with MIYUKI Brand and APPLE Brand..I always refer to the internet for more intricate design.Hello see u again..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My sewing history

i am interested in sewing since i was in secondary school cos i took Domestic Science. So when i was in form 1 i used to sew my own fashionable dress including bell-bottom troussers. can you imagine how proud i was wearing my own sewn dress with my mother"s old singer machine. then i used to do embroidery work such as doilies,smocking,tatting,patchwork....ok i ll continue my story later.