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Monday, September 23, 2013


Sometimes we need to pamper you agree? After being so busy with work, house chores, e-filing, e-profile, facebook, blogging...and other thousands of activities..we need to go out to somewhere far from hustle and bustle..last weekend my family and I made a short and sweet trip to Cameron Highlands, just to rest our mind. We rented an apartment and we cooked our own meal..we enjoyed the fresh strawberries,  the fresh vegetables...and we had a nice time strolling at the night market. As usual I used my time to see all the handicrafts and souvenirs like cushions, bags,keychains and besides enjoying the vacation, I still learn something for my craftworks...yes! instead I also hooked on the wonderful species of cactus ( I bought some cactus and roses)..and sure enough we can get ideas everywhere besides refresh our mood..( I can sew embroidery with CACTUS motifs too!).

saturation point

After the Hari Raya festival, after completing all the customers' beads and handmade thread embroidery... I come to the state of saturation where now it takes time to start the new projects of sewing again. How I got my stiff shoulders (maybe caused by too much sewing activities!) and got a jab to minimize the pain.However painful I am , I still find satisfaction in doing I can develop my creativity and sew with love... and see other people beautiful.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


At Budapest , Hungary, we went river cruise along Danube River. The scenery was magnificient. What I want to share here is while boarding the purple cruise, I was stunned at the handmade embroideries on the tablecloths, framed pictures, the chairbacks and so on used for decoration. That means they indirectly promote their Hungarian embroideries for tourists everywhere...what a clever idea. As for me, I began to think that I must do this, I must do's high time for us to follow the positive idea!

Monday, September 9, 2013


On visiting Czech Republic during the last term holiday (June), I went to the stall selling beads at Prague. Of course I was difficult to make a choice as all beads are unique and rare. I bought some to be used when doing my beads embroidery..but you know, I used sparingly as it is different from the Japanese beads that I used before. The colours are also different..and after using it for quite sometime or when the embroidered clothes is worn out, I wish to unpick and recycle on another new clothes! What an economical species we are!..
On visiting Vienna, Hungary, still very early in the morning, we were already waiting at the market selling all sorts of handmade embroideries,,,as usual my son kept on reminding me,"mum, this is your dangerous zone!".Heppp..."cant't you just keep quiet, I need to pamper myself". After that, we went to the underground shop and another dangerous zone..all beautiful items sold! can just see the pictures below to see how crazy I was.