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Thursday, January 10, 2013


In 1986, I went to Birmingham to visit my hubby who's attending a course there..While visiting several places,I did not forget to go to the market. I was so fascinated by the wonderful laces!There are variety of them and mostly white in colour.The wide one was gorgeous that I can make so many things like pillow, cushions,table runner and so on. Besides laces, there were also ready-made laced curtains..the frills were lacey.But..unfortunately, I did not have much cash then (I did buy some, anyway..). Money need to be distributed many things to consider..branded lipstick,Clark shoes, Bally shoes,Christian Dior (seemed quite cheap there)and also Royal Alberts..not that I bought everything..just to share with you what I saw.I know, my friend overthere will also be like me.LADIES ARE LADIES ..anybody wants to go can 'KIRIM'.

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