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Monday, September 23, 2013


Sometimes we need to pamper you agree? After being so busy with work, house chores, e-filing, e-profile, facebook, blogging...and other thousands of activities..we need to go out to somewhere far from hustle and bustle..last weekend my family and I made a short and sweet trip to Cameron Highlands, just to rest our mind. We rented an apartment and we cooked our own meal..we enjoyed the fresh strawberries,  the fresh vegetables...and we had a nice time strolling at the night market. As usual I used my time to see all the handicrafts and souvenirs like cushions, bags,keychains and besides enjoying the vacation, I still learn something for my craftworks...yes! instead I also hooked on the wonderful species of cactus ( I bought some cactus and roses)..and sure enough we can get ideas everywhere besides refresh our mood..( I can sew embroidery with CACTUS motifs too!).

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