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Friday, April 12, 2013


So long I have not update my blog.I was quite busy lately and always busy..Last month, I taught 2 ladies to sew Sulam Benang or Hand Thread Embroidery.They were so interested to learn how to embroider. It is nice and LOOKS EASY.After 4 times of attending class,one of the ladies brought a kurung and asked me to sew for her.I asked 'you have learnt the skill,why do you ask me to sew, you should try yourself'..She just grinned and said 'I am afraid if I would spoil my expensive dress, now I know is not a matter of skill to sew embroidery but we must also creative to match the colour of threads, to design a perfect design that looks realistic with the curve and not 'KERAS or KAKU'. Actually, it is OK as long as you always practise it and be confident to apply all the skills learnt.So Happy Sewing for this coming RAYA.

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