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Monday, September 19, 2011

How to make wedding veil

In order to be unique and gorgeous on your wedding confident to sew your own veil. Do you have the idea? I do like this :
1. I bought chiffon material of light blue (length according to your height).
2. Cut the material. I make it rounded at the side and at the back The length is to the waist or slightly below.
3. Cut the Lace material following the floral design. Sew the lace to the top part of the veil or head. Also put along the edge of the veil. At the top of your head, make the design curve high at the centre and also at the back.
4. Sew your sequins and beads and also crystal. Mixed the beads of white, silver and blue. Also do not forget the pearl beads of various sizes..
5. Iron the material with low heat (not to burn the piece after a hard day of sewing beads!)
6.Ready to wear. BUT if you are not gifted with creative fingers, you are welcome to ask me to LAST!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am like a CARPENTER

i am so relieve that my daughter"s wedding is over.Some of my friends are scolding me for not inviting them and i am so sorry as this is the first experience managing such a big event..i just cannot think..i just gave the cards to anyone who came across my mind,,Anyway, i am so proud as i have said earlier that i made or sew the wedding veil with sequins, beads and crystals myself..i think it looked fabulous ( he! he! not to boast but it is never wrong to congratulate myself, right?)..and so with the wedding gowns of shocking pink combined with light blue with glamorous beads.After this i am going to sew wedding veils with beads and sequins..anybody interested to order can do so! advertizing eh? another funny story is, i sew other people's dress with all glitters but i do not have time to make it on my own dress hu hu hu..i am just like a carpenter..never finish his own house!