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Monday, December 31, 2012


I bought quite a lot of flowery lace. It is very nice to be sewn on kurung by combining it with pearls or beads. It is something new and trendy nowadays. It comes in a wide range of colours and shapes.The price is quite expensive that is around rm25 upwards per metre depending on the size.Also it is a good news for those who don't like or 'alergic' to beads. It is very easy, you can use the short running stitch to sew it on your materials.And make sure you use the thread that is the same colour with the lace.When you wear it, I am sure your friend will say ' you look great today!'
Recently, I went tu KL and came across beautiful crystals from China, Of course without fail, I bought some and put it at my Galeri Manik. Some people bought it to be put on their tudung both as borders or as flowers.When I sew on one of my friends kurung, she told me many of her friends noticed and liked it.It did beautify your dress from the shining glittering crystals mixed with normal pearl beads and Japan beads. The price is just reasonable but it looks really elegant and costly.But yet, I do not have time to sew on my own kurung! CLIENTS first!

Monday, December 10, 2012


I call it my humble shop as it is not a big glamourous boutique with 'everything available'..just that I started my business from scratch so I have to study people's need or interest.First of all, I identify my own interest. Yes, when I read business motivational books, they said that we need to start with our I love everything about sewing such as embroidery and so on. So I decided to focus on beads embroidery and handmade thread embroidery. I started buying things to be sold related to sewing e.g beads and sewing accessories. I actually do not have the real statistic of those who have similar interest as me.Anyway, I have to be patient to succeed as Robert Kiyosaki said in his book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'.