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Monday, December 9, 2013


As I have ordered the Turkey yarns online from Benangkait, I started crochet a cardigan for me..not really cardigan but just like a vest.If I want to make a cardigan (longsleeves)I will have to use more than 4 yarns whereas I only got 4 ( ehemm..the price is also another factor!).What a mistake I have made was that I ordered 4 different wonderful colourful yarns ( I love all the colours).. meaning I have to make my vest so stripy colourful..can I wear that? Will I look like a clown? No matter what people say or react, I will wear it for my own satisfaction of crochetting my own cardigan for the first time. Now, I nearly finish it..I just made it with no sleeves as I do not have enough yarns and furthermore I wonder if I will be able to finish it. After this I should buy only yarns of the same colour and not not to be greedy to purchase all the colours.I also will try to do baby booties or children's cardigan. I never say goodbye to my beads embroidery and thread handmade embroidery yet, but just to refresh my schooldays talent. Happy crochetting and bear with my chat.

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