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Sunday, June 1, 2014


If you have extra lace that you made your dress, do not ever throw it away. You can trim the flowers neatly and put as a finishint to your new dress and you can embellish with some pearl beads plus sequins..I am pretty sure you will be wonderful and do not forget to match it with stunning colours..if you like to use colour block scheme,it is beautiful or you can also be simple and sweet if you use pastel colour or the same colour lace but on lighter or darker tone. Do not use the same colour or else you will waste your sewing time that it cannot even be seen.You can use silver lace or golden on black dress!Now you can enter the ceremony hall conspicuously..You just try my suggestion.. and do not forget to put iron-on crystal or white beads along the edges.You will never know if you never try!Another tip is you can put your waste lace on your plain coloured cushions..yes suddenly you can get nice cushions for your raya or just to renew your old one..ha ha you will be surprised with the result too..happy sewing.

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