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Friday, March 7, 2014


Today 7th March, my friend Robiah and I went to learn to sew headcover or 'tudung' at Wakaf Che Yeh (about an hour journey from our hometown).Our hubby also followed ud but they were free to go anywhere while waiting for us to complete our course.This time I chose to sew a tudung with a ring in front to tie the ribbon in front. It took about 4 hours to finish. We started by drawing the pattern followed by cutting the material and lastly sew it. The most difficult part was to sew the awning.Goshh! I was so terrified by the Juki Industry sewing machine as it was so fast and needed my every confidence to use it. So I opted to bring my own portable sewing machine(one of my collections too).I chose the light brown material combined with brownish yellow to make the layers.So I felt so satisfied that I could make my own tudung with my own choice of colours as I prefered the soft pastel colours than the fierce colour- blocking.I have my self satisfaction to sew my own tudung.Next week, I will ask more friends to join me to attend the class..nothing harm to learn new things and also to get more new friends. Last time I got to know a businesswoman named Meg Nah and also a young lady named Shikin( still young like my daughter).I instead encouraged her to be involved in sewing world and also to pursue business in selling tudung!and now they become my FB friend too.They also believed in self satisfaction in sewing.happy sewing to the sewing lovers.

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