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Sunday, April 13, 2014


Last few days. a boy came to my shop to buy felt.It was a surprise for me as before this there is no male customer yet..yes are so special because boys usually never like to be involved in sewing or doing craft...opps sorry for my hasty generalization. Not all but of rare case. He seemed to be sewing himself and sell online. He made wonderful keychains from felt and of course he had been so creative..good mummy's boy..and at first, I did not know that I know his mother until my daughter told me so.Anyhow I am so proud of you for your great effort to sell and indulged in business..get your own money..rather than boys nowadays like to hangout doing nothing or just waste their time with modern gadjet or 'brooming' their motors! Conratulation boy,you can come to my shop and I can teach you crochet or beads embroidery.In fact we can join venture in business.Also ashame on some girls who do not even know how to sew a button!

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