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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I still remember when I made a smocking maternity dress for me years years ago.I think it was unique and something different from others. Besides, I also sew a smocking gown and I gave as a present to my neighbour. Now, I am thinking of doing it again where I can sew wonderful colourful embroidery on it..first we have to be very patient to sew gathers on the checked cotton cloth. After we have finished with the gathers,sew handmade embroidery on it.Nowadays, we rarely see small tots wearing smocking gown! Why? This maybe due to the expensive price or no more sewers who are willing to make such creative things and even some young mothers never heard of smocking gowns. I still remember my friend Najibah who loves to make smocking gown to her daughters as well as her grand-daughters.So cute! So come on mothers, you can do wonders by sewing your old books and start doing it today..happy smocking not smoking!

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