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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


yes...handmade products are quite time consuming to make..but I don't understand why people like to order or ask us to sew embroidery near to festive seasons. Actually,it does take a long time for example to sew even one petal of flower may take one hour.It may look simple but need special time and focus. Some of the clients said "..just make a simple one!" but it still takes a day to complete. For beads embroidery, we need to pick one by one..yes no doubt this easily makes people bored if they do not have the love and passion. This is why they should understand that handmade items are expensive as it involves 'eyes insurance' as those who have eyesight problem will definitely not eligible.It seems lucky for me as God still bless me with good eyesight without glasses yet (55 years old). My father still have not wear any glasses at the age of 80!Thank God.

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