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Monday, November 17, 2014

It has been quite sometime that I did not update my everybody knows that it was so hectic with everything. My latest activity, my daughter and I took part in a two days booth at Kelantan Trade Centre. We did have a great experience taking part in selling session. There I could study people's behaviour in shopping. Just beside our booth, they sold very cheap tudung and it attracted many youngsters to buy. Meaning to say that we must look at our target group in order to sell anything. We sold Tudung mostly of Butterfly Tudung (in fashion now!), beads, lace,hijab pins,and other items. We could get not so encouraging sale but we were so happy especially the MIDNIGHT SALE!In fact we become friends with the other vendors. It is held for online and offline vendors..and of course the vendors were mostly ladies. Salute to our ladies who are very enterprising indeed.We will certainly try again next time.

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