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Monday, March 24, 2014


Last Saturday, I had recieved the Amure Clover Crochet hooks set ordered from Kyoto, Japan. She is my FB friend who is staying there.I am so happy as it is really beautiful, colourful and very comfortable to use.I am sure those crocheters out there will like it too.The price is quite 'nice' too! Anyway, not the price that matter but the satisfaction of buying something useful for myself. Indeed, we feel stress free.I have continued my unfimished projects and soon I can wear it.After this, I am going to order another crochet book.So I am the one who never like to just doing nothing..I will always occupy my time by sewing, crocheting, doing thread embroidery or beads embroidery.I am not sure whether all people are like me..some of them said" I am not interested', 'it is difficult', 'I only like to buy'..I hope it is not YOU.

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