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Sunday, March 16, 2014


Last Friday 14th March, again I went to 'Tudung' sewing class.Three of us learnt to sew 'tudung' while one young lady prefered to sew 'kurung'(our Malay traditional costume).We sew two layered type with little gathers and a brooch in front. It was actually fun to meet another new lady who is working at a public was quite late to finish as my machine did not perform well. I was really mad at the broken needles (three times hu hu!), also the jumping stitches and the broken thread!Then another bad experience for the day as it was very heavy, the machine fell down from the hands! With all the very valid reason,I promise to myself I need to return the machine to the dealer and exchange to a new one.Today,I went to the shop and get a new BROTHER brand sewing machine.At first , I thought of buying the high speed JUKI brand but knowing me, I was phobia with the too fast speed as it is quite difficult to control the suppose to be straight sewing line..while I ended with crooked piece. Oh no! finally I found a reasonable one cost RM800. It was not so heavy as the first. OK at least I am very happy to give myself a present.Don't you want to pamper yourself too?

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