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Monday, July 7, 2014

Shopping at K.T.C

Last weekend my daughter and I went to Kelantan Trade Center (K.T.C)to see if there were something special to buy. The sale was specially held by the Online Vendors from Kelantan. Wah! I really admire the Kelantan ladies who are indeed very industrious in business. There were many types of stalls like selling Tudung,dresses, blouses and also skincare and make-up stalls. Not only that, the saleswomen were also very beautiful and friendly too. My daughters' friends also set a stall selling Tudung and she said the selling for the day was fantastic as there were so many ladies came to shop for Hari Raya . There were so many choices with unique colour too bought 3 Tudungs..2 Bawal and 1 Borgitta brand. One day I will also join them to sell handmade embroidery items as there was not even one stall which sell such thing..I think there are still many women who like embroidery and also beads embroidery..wait one day..

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