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Thursday, August 28, 2014


After Raya, I was still very busy finishing the clients'(my friends actually)handmade embroidery on Kurung. They said they wanted to be different from others though there are many imported embroidery materials from Vietnam and Indonesia..My friend, Norlina, from Perlis also promoted to her friends in her school by wearing it.How easy to have a free promotion!Then six of them posted their dress/kurung to me to sew..what a REZKI. So now another trend of Tudung where they put crystal border at the corner and a little Bling bling (hanging).I combined the crystals with matching colourful pearl beads to create variety.Sometimes I thought of going to Tudung Gallery or Boutique to sew embroidery as to broaden my business..this is only in my mind..later maybe I would do that..always do not be afraid to try or take the chance..

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