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Monday, January 20, 2014

Malacca again

Last weekend 17 - 19 January, I went for a meeting at Hang Tuah Heritage Hotel.On the first night we took a boat trip or river cruise along the river.I really like the night scenery and love the cultural heritage shown naturally along the bank such as the old village traditional house, the grafitti drawing,classic buildings and the friendly people waving at us.On the following evening, I went to the market infront of the Taming Sari Tower and I bought some traditional 'dodol', 'wajik' and nut biscuit..all are very nice! (maybe all old folks like me love the traditional style things including food).It is not me type not to go to bookshops. I scrambled to MPH and Popular Bookstore nearby..sure enought I bought some motivational books on business management and not to forget my favourite books on Handmade Bags and Hand Embroidery...How happy I am to purchase such books on sewing or crafts.The(re is also a book on Crochet baby garments, booties and caps, hats etc.Hopefully I can start doing it soon (remember, I haven't finish doing my cardigan!). This year, I want to teach my students to do craft items, maybe they will grow up one day and can benefit them whether to start their own business or for their own use..Actually, I thought of going to the famous Jonker Street to buy Embroidered Nyonya Kebaya to be framed and put in my Galeri Manik..and also the Beads Slipper..alas I was quite frustrated as time did nor permit me to go..we only have 3 time to go to Dataran Pahlawan to buy the rattan basket too (also in my collection). Befoe going back to the hotel, I quickly get into Japan shop named Daiso..again so many bautiful things to finish your money.Thanks to the NO TIME and I ending up buying nothing as I was looking for crochet exact size that I want.

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