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Monday, December 26, 2011

bag making workshop

yesterday 25 Dec. my friend,Zainedah and I attended a bag making workshop conducted by zila kassim
in Terengganu. Zila rented a house for us to do our bag project.We chose a more complicated bag's pattern so that we could learn many techniques .we started at 10am and only managed to finish at around 6.30pm!anyway we felt so satisfied as ziela coached us individually. the participants were so engrossed with their work until we produced one cute bag each..we were so happy!after the class we bought some items from her such as zip,sewing accessories (it is difficult to find in the local shop). In the coming Chinese New Year holidays,we still want to have such session at Kota Bharu.Besides acquiring knowledge ,we also can get friends of the same interest/hobbies.

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