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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sweet dreams

dear beloved bloggers..sorry for not updating the blog for the past three days as my old pc is not, i got a new laptop.Anyway,do you have any dream? yes,it's never wrong to dream as it is free,no harm to anybody. what is my dream regarding the topic of my blog'wonderful beads and handmade embroidery'. here i'll list down my dream..sweet dream (don't laugh at me!)
- i would like to open a boutique selling apparels with beautiful embroideries
- i want to open an online business selling products of handmade embroidery such as bags,cushions,doilies,bedsheets,tablecloths and others with my brand name
- i want to sew creative designs on famous designer clothes like Sharifah Kirana, Jedan,Rizalman or Bill Keith..of course they'll pay me quite a sum!
- i want to have a link with the other wonderful bloggers like YOU!
i think that's enough of my sweet dream for the time being.

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