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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NEW! NEW! 3D or 3 dimensions beads embroidery

Last Saturday I went to Cinta Shop to buy beads at Kota Bharu. All of a sudden I saw a new book by my favourite author Puan Rosita Jaafar. I was so happy as I really want to learn the new type of sewing beads embroidery called 3D. The pictures included in the book are just so beautiful and realistic with its wonderful colour combination. Anyway,I haven't try sewing it yet..never mind,I am definitely going to sew it on one fine day..for the book, yes.. I get another collection.So, if I have done it,I promise to put the picture/photo here in my blog..wait!
Here, we use Peyote (pronounce pey-oh-tee)stitch where we have to weave the beads using needle and thread to form like a 'fabric".Peyote stitch is a specific bead weaving originated from America.Lastly, we creatively arrange the peyote petals of flowers and its foliage combined with crystals to our dresses.Can you imagine? The finishing is just like real flowers(have 3 dimensional pattern). That is why we call it 3D.

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