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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My daughter's Wedding dress

One disadvantage of knowing how to sew beads is that you want to sew it yourself. Same thing happens here. My daughter's wedding is coming soon somewhere in i said to her, let Mama sew the beads on the dress combined with pearl beads,sequins and crystals. She had sewn a long dress and i wish i could finish it by mid August.The problem is that whether to rent the dress from the wedding boutique or to sew it because if we rent we have to pay a lot of money and yet the dress belongs to them..but if we do it ourselves, the dress is ours. So,I choose the second choice but what am I going to do with it later on? sell? to be rented again? to wear?( no! no!). So as not to waste it I will put as an Exhibition in my boutique one day (as i said it is never wrong to dream , right?

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