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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am like a CARPENTER

i am so relieve that my daughter"s wedding is over.Some of my friends are scolding me for not inviting them and i am so sorry as this is the first experience managing such a big event..i just cannot think..i just gave the cards to anyone who came across my mind,,Anyway, i am so proud as i have said earlier that i made or sew the wedding veil with sequins, beads and crystals myself..i think it looked fabulous ( he! he! not to boast but it is never wrong to congratulate myself, right?)..and so with the wedding gowns of shocking pink combined with light blue with glamorous beads.After this i am going to sew wedding veils with beads and sequins..anybody interested to order can do so! advertizing eh? another funny story is, i sew other people's dress with all glitters but i do not have time to make it on my own dress hu hu hu..i am just like a carpenter..never finish his own house!

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